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A modified surfboard having a single sail mounted on a mast that pivots on a ball joint, ridden while standing up.
intr.v. sail·board·ed, sail·board·ing, sail·boards
To ride on a sailboard; windsurf.

sail′board′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) the craft used for windsurfing, consisting of a moulded board like a surfboard, to which a mast bearing a single sail is attached by a swivel joint


(ˈseɪlˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a windsurfing board having a mount for a sail, a daggerboard, and a small skeg.
[1960–65, Amer.]
sail′board`er, n.
sail′board`ing, n.
راكِب الأمواج، مُتَزَلِّج على المَوْج
jadralna deska
yelkenli sörf


[ˈseɪlbɔːd] Nplancha f de windsurf


(seil) noun
1. a sheet of strong cloth spread to catch the wind, by which a ship is driven forward.
2. a journey in a ship. a sail in his yacht; a week's sail to the island.
3. an arm of a windmill.
1. (of a ship) to be moved by sails. The yacht sailed away.
2. to steer or navigate a ship or boat. He sailed (the boat) to the island.
3. to go in a ship or boat (with or without sails). I've never sailed through the Mediterranean.
4. to begin a voyage. The ship sails today; My aunt sailed today.
5. to travel on (the sea etc) in a ship. He sailed the North Sea.
6. to move steadily and easily. Clouds sailed across the sky; He sailed through his exams; She sailed into the room.
ˈsailboard noun
a windsurfer.
ˈsailing noun
the activity or sport of navigating a ship or boat that has sails. Sailing is one of his hobbies.
having a sail or sails. sailing-boat.
ˈsailor noun
a member of a ship's crew whose job is helping to sail a ship.
in full sail
with all the sails spread. The ship was in full sail.
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