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n. pl. sailfish or sail·fish·es
Either of two large marine fishes, Istiophorus albicans of the Atlantic Ocean or I. platypterus of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, having a large saillike dorsal fin and an elongated, spearlike upper jaw.


n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) any of several large scombroid game fishes of the genus Istiophorus, such as I. albicans (Atlantic sailfish), of warm and tropical seas: family Istiophoridae. They have an elongated upper jaw and a long sail-like dorsal fin
2. (Animals) another name for basking shark



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
either of two large marlinlike fish of the genus Istiophorus, distinguished by a long, high dorsal fin and a swordlike snout.
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Noun1.sailfish - a saltwater fish with lean fleshsailfish - a saltwater fish with lean flesh  
saltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as food
2.sailfish - large pelagic game fish having an elongated upper jaw and long dorsal fin that resembles a sail
scombroid, scombroid fish - important marine food and game fishes found in all tropical and temperate seas; some are at least partially endothermic and can thrive in colder waters
family Istiophoridae, Istiophoridae - sailfishes; spearfishes; marlins


[ˈseɪlfɪʃ] Naguja f de mar, pez m vela
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We expected to see a sailfish take to the air, but were instead treated to bolts of neon yellow sparking out of the blue water.
The company is aimed at exhibiting the new software Sailfish 2.
We offer the most experienced and capable crews, the fastest, most powerful boats and the highest level of customer service in Cancun," remarked Roddrigo Sidney, owner of Cancun Sailfish Tours.
Billfish such as sailfish and marlin will automatically win first prize in the IGFA category if caught, photographed and released, but each fish in the Open Category will be weighed to determine the winner.
Jolla is looking for developers to create native applications for the phone's Sailfish software, but having seen Microsoft and BlackBerry struggle to stock their application stores with the content users want, Android compatibility was a must-have feature from the start.
Jolla runs on Sailfish OS, but can also run most of the apps designed for Google's Android system.
Profiles of emerging OSs, such as Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and Sailfish, with their platform features, app ecosystem, app stores, and market releases included
The sailfish arrive at the Isla Mujeres in Mexico every year to feast on the migrating sardines.
The United States National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) manages the recreational billfish fishery with relatively large minimum sizes released to ensure that the majority of billfishes are released: 251 cm (99 in) lower jaw fork length (LJFL) for blue marlin (Makaira nigricans), 168 cm (66 in) LJFL for white marlin (Kajikia albida), and 152 cm (60 in) LJFL for sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus).
The couple saw a great opportunity and became the seventh owners of the Sailfish and the Biloxi Shrimping Tour.
There's the club's own fishing boat for anglers who want to try for what's known locally as a Grand Slam: a blue marlin, a white marlin and a sailfish in a single day, not to mention tuna and wahoo (which the Clubhouse staff will cook for your dinner).