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1. Appealing to or stimulating sexual desire: salacious reading material.
2. Characterized by or indicating sexual desire; lustful: a salacious wink.

[From Latin salāx, salāc-, fond of leaping, lustful, from salīre, to leap; see sel- in Indo-European roots.]

sa·la′cious·ly adv.
sa·la′cious·ness, sa·lac′i·ty (sə-lăs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.salaciously - in a lascivious manner
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Even London's salaciously famous tabloids got into the act, with the Mirror running a piece headlined: aACAyIs Justin Trudeau the sexiest politician in the world?
Or indeed, Peter Duncan losing out early on to some icky green stuff, and Ornella Muti's salaciously seductive turn as the conniving Princess Aura?
He smiled salaciously, revealing more gaps than teeth.
We are delighted to bring this salaciously social cocktail out of our hotels for its 80th anniversary for all to enjoy," said Paul James, Global Brand Leader, St.
In saying that, if any of the seven hot Mothers I'd Like to Facebook who were salaciously cackling over their meal in the study want to get in touch, the email address is a the bottom of the page.
Russell develops that image further when he has Alma (in a provocative costume) marching salaciously over the window of her husband's coffin, with the music adapted from the first movement of Mahler's Sixth Symphony.
A satin sailor's jacket is salaciously cropped, a shimmering princess dress barely reaches the thighs, and then there's perhaps their boldest piece, a naughty nurse's dress, complete with a glittery, blood-hued Red Cross on the breast, fox fur sleeves that seem stained with cotton candy and a sheer body in a pale tan color that evokes a drowned horse or a condom.
By focusing on Bingle's relationship history, Marcus discursively constructs Bingle as promiscuous and therefore salaciously newsworthy.
In a photograph of fellow sailors taken in 1969, when Baltrop was in the navy, a sweet-faced boy salaciously sticks out his tongue out for the camera.
18) While Parker's statement references the town's salaciously imagined--if ultimately curious or "right queer"--coupling of Joe Christmas and Joe Brown (nee Lucas Burch), Percy's self-evident homoerotic desire for Joe does have echoes in Christmas and Brown's extant mapped relationship.
We salaciously passed on the gossip, thrilled to be so close to the birth of such a taboo curse.
Heyns seems to be suggesting that, like the Channel Tunnel, perhaps biographical fictions about James, based on the "principle of free access" as Fullerton rather salaciously colours it (TT: 41), are not altogether a Bad Thing.