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Noun1.salad greens - greens suitable for eating uncooked as in saladssalad greens - greens suitable for eating uncooked as in salads
greens, leafy vegetable, green - any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables
lettuce - leaves of any of various plants of Lactuca sativa
celtuce - leaves having celery-like stems eaten raw or cooked
curly endive, chicory - crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste
chicory escarole, escarole, endive - variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges
cress - pungent leaves of any of numerous cruciferous herbs
salad burnet - leaves sometimes used for salad
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salad greens and as much of the reserved dressing as you like.
1/2 cup cooked vegetables 1/2 cup raw vegetables 1 cup salad greens 1 piece fruit 1/2 cup fresh fruit 1/4 cup dried fruit Grains 4 servings per day What's 1 serving?
Serve a cake over a bed of salad greens, as pictured, or on a sandwich bun with your favorite condiments.
Ranging from Calabacitas Caliente (Spiced-Up Squash); Roasted Tomato Bisque; Chicken and Chevre Enchiladas with Black Bean Sauce; and Chimayo Chile Steaks with Chipotle Potatoes; to Roast Duckling with Red Chile Glaze and Spiced Peaches; Salad Greens with Honey Chipotle-Lime-Mustard Dressing; Red Tractor Farm Blue-Corn Pancakes; and Green Chile-Pinon Ice Cream, all of these 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes will turn even the most ordinary of meals into a truly memorable dining occasion.
WhiteWave s widely recognized, leading brands distributed in North America include Silk plant-based foods and beverages, International Delight and LAND O LAKES coffee creamers and beverages, Horizon Organic premium dairy products and Earthbound Farm organic packaged salad greens, fruits and vegetables.
announced today that it has acquired ownership of Snap Fresh Foods, a New Zealand-based provider of premium salad greens, vegetable mixes, baby-peeled carrots, fresh sprouts, dressings and condiments.
Serve on sandwich or with salad greens and Zesty Remoulade Sauce.
The salad greens were from the church garden, an experiment brought to reality by several new moms in the congregation.
Storing salad greens has been an issue for many gardeners, because green leafy vegetables normally do not respond well to canning, drying, or freezing.
The salad bowl instantly lost its attraction last Monday when news broke that research by the American University of Sharjah (AUS) found locally grown salad greens, particularly jarjeer or rocca leaves, to be heavily contaminated with the dreaded E.
Customers will choose from a selection of Angus beef burgers, turkey burgers, chicken breast or grilled tilapia, then pick one of four artisan breads and from two kinds of salad greens.
A recent test of packaged leafy salad greens found bacteria at high levels in more than a third of those packages sampled.