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99 and a 9-inch salad plate selling for a suggested $4.
Suggested meals sandwich/filled rolls, fruit and juice/water beans/eggs on toast, fruit and juice/water filled wraps (hot or cold fillings), fruit and juice/water baked potato, beans, fruit and juice/water salad plate and juice/water slice of quiche, side salad,
Prices: Dinner plate, pounds 8; salad plate, pounds 7; cereal/soup bowl, pounds 7; pasta bowl, pounds 9; tea saucer, pounds 5; tea cup, pounds 7; mug, pounds 8; teapot, pounds 35; small jug, pounds 15; serving bowl, pounds 35; sugar pot, pounds 15; serving platter, pounds 35.
The new orchid Confetti line will include a dinner plate, salad plate and individual bowl as well as an extra-large serving bowl.
Cut bread into triangles, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and arrange on the edge of each salad plate.
However, the commercial coleslaw that appears on your tuna salad plate or alongside a sandwich may contain large amounts of mayonnaise or cream.
The line--which includes a three-piece snack set, dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, small tumbler and large tumbler--is specifically designed for teens and tweens.
The open-stock products, which include a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, mug and beverage glass, are available in four colorways: Skyway (blues, yellows and pinks), Opaline (greens, blues and yellows), Sahara (browns, tans and pinks) and Regatta (blues and greens).
He says the accent salad plate is the most versatile piece in both casual and formal table settings.
Blum's Leaping Reindeer pattern will be shown in a six-piece dinnerware set that includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, server tray, double-old-fashioned and jumbo tumbler.
Aside from a four-piece place setting of mug, salad plate, dinner plate and soup/cereal bowl, the collection also includes accessory pieces.
Beginnings here can be as light-meal-gratifying as a salad plate topped with grilled slices of lamb sirloin ($9) boosted with roasted bell pepper, haricots verts (green beans) and herbed feta cheese.