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Noun1.salary cut - the act of reducing a salarysalary cut - the act of reducing a salary  
cut - the act of reducing the amount or number; "the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"
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The BBC confirmed that Humphrys' Today programme colleague Nick Robinson had also taken a salary cut.
North America editor Sopel, one of the four who had agreed to a salary cut, earned between AaA 200,000 and AaA 249,999 ($285,100-$356,373) in 2016/17, the disclosures showed.
He admitted to prosecutors that he had tampered with the stamps to avoid a salary cut.
THE North's MLAs face a [euro]15,000-plus salary cut if James Brokenshire adopts the recommendations of a former Assembly chief.
IT firms can protect jobs of their middle rung and junior level employees if their executives take a salary cut and pass it on to them to protect their jobs," said Murthy in an interview to business news channel "ET Now" here.
The salary cut will be in effect till the end of the year, says the decree.
The company also plan to impose a five per cent salary cut on employees "to maintain competitiveness while protecting as many jobs as possible".
Matur Chut Dhuol has instructed the finance ministry to impose a 10% salary cut on ministry of public service staff who reportedly boycotted President Salva Kiir's visit to the capital, Rumbek last week.
WEST Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones claims he is paid "way too much" and has asked for a salary cut.
The deal came after he took a salary cut from his 2 million-pound BBC contract earlier this year to a rumoured 1.
Air Berlin claimed that it would reduce 900 jobs and decrease salaries as cost-cutting measures besides asking workers and staff to halt a 13th month salary for a short period of time which means there will be a 10% salary cut for higher management and a 5% paycut for all remaining employees.
There would be salary cut for two observers of the center for negligence of duty.