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A move in figure skating in which the skater, while skating backwards, jumps from the back inside edge of one skate, completes a full rotation, and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate.

[After Ulrich Salchow (1877-1949), Swedish figure skater.]


(Ice Skating) a figure-skating jump made from the inner backward edge of one foot with one, two, or three full turns in the air, returning to the outer backward edge of the opposite foot
[C20: named after Ulrich Salchow (1877–1949), Swedish figure skater, who originated it]


(ˈsæl kaʊ)

a figure-skating jump in which the skater leaps from the back inside edge of one skate to make one full rotation in the air and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate.
[1920–25; after Ulrich Salchow (1877–1949), Swedish figure skater]
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A regular skater suddenly saw me and attempted a triple Salchow with tuck to avoid a collision.
The reigning European champion, who stunned the world with a clean triple axel in her short program Thursday, nailed a triple lutz and double toeloop and double loop, a triple lutz, a triple flip in the beginning of her dance, and finished a double axel and single loop and a triple salchow.
The respective sizes of the two men did not help Zlatan and Oscar gave it the triple salchow routine, while John Terry led the enraged Chelsea reaction.
The Swedish striker pulled out of the tackle before sliding into the Brazilian but Oscar gave it the Triple salchow routine, while John Terry led the enraged and wellorchestrated Chelsea reaction.
Not only did Hanyu fall on his opening jump, a quad salchow, but he also crashed on his third, a triple flip.
And so, instead of inspiring a nation, Luke is trying to perform a salchow and a scratch spin and revealing: "There's a lot of dancing I can't do.
Also in the wars on the same day at Kempton was apprentice Leonna Mayor, who sprained an ankle and broke her nose when thrown off Triple Salchow after the filly, who had been reluctant to race, bucked soon after leaving the stalls for the 5f handicap.
Whatever chance Villa had of possibly scrapping their way to a point ended when he decided to head for Ciaran Clark's foot and then do a triple salchow that would have had Torvill and Dean gasping in admiration.
Nasdaq: SPAR), the leading manufacturer of specialty chassis and vehicles, today announced that Joseph Nowicki, Chief Financial Officer, and Greg Salchow, Director of Investor Relations and Treasury, will participate in the Sidoti & Company, LLC Sixteenth Annual New York Institutional Investor Forum.
With IPv4 expected to be dominant for the foreseeable future, making a business case for IPv6 migration requires enterprises to carefully weigh costs versus benefits, F5 Networks' Ken Salchow writes.
It was a typical striker's tackle - over exuberance, nothing malicious - and the lad's thrown in a couple of rolls and a triple salchow to make the most of it.
Takahashi and Tran, last season's junior world silver medalists and junior GP Final runners-up, skated a clean program after Takahashi had fallen on her opening triple salchow, earning 159.