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As commercial building owner-occupants consider liquidating their assets in a rising-rate environment, excellent sale-leaseback opportunities will arise, according to Marc Imrem and Andrew Watson, managing directors of capital markets with Transwestern.
However, a sale-leaseback transaction does not come without its disadvantages for the seller (and eventual tenant).
In simple terms, a sale-leaseback transaction allows a franchisee to convert his real estate property into the capital he might need for growth.
A useful but infrequently used tool for raising cash for a small business is the sale-leaseback transaction.
an investment management company, have entered into a $225 million sale-leaseback transaction for space at the Times' Manhattan headquarters, the two companies announced this week.
The joint venture, labeled Sovereign NNN Ventures LLC, will be devoted to sale-leaseback financing, in which it will purchase the portfolios of net-leased properties in retail, restaurant, office and industrial sectors.
The CoreNet Global research also showed that understanding the value of properties for both the buyer and seller is critical as imprecise valuation is one of the most frequent causes of failure in sale-leaseback deals.
announced Tuesday the completion of a seven-store sale-leaseback transaction.
Statement 145 amends Statement 13 to require that certain lease modifications that have economic effects similar to sale-leaseback transactions be accounted for in the same manner as sale-leaseback transactions.
Once upon a time, a good way for long-term care owner/operators to raise investment capital was to arrange a sale-leaseback deal with a real estate investment trust (REIT).
Under the facts of the CIE corporation A entered into a sale-leaseback of depreciable equipment with B (a thinly capitalized partnership), in exchange for B's note.