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A starchy meal ground from the dried roots of various orchids chiefly of the genus Orchis, used for food and formerly as medicine.

[Turkish salep, sahlep, salep, orchid from which salep is made, from Ottoman Turkish sa'lep, sālep, from Arabic (ḫuṣā al)-ṯa'lab, (testicles of the) fox (from the appearance of the tubers); see ṯʕlb in Semitic roots.]


(Botany) the dried ground starchy tubers of various orchids, used for food and formerly as drugs
[C18: via French and Turkish from Arabic sahlab, shortened from khusy ath-tha'lab, literally: fox's testicles, name of an orchid]


(ˈsæl ɛp)

a starchy, demulcent drug or foodstuff consisting of the dried tubers of certain orchids.
[1730–40; < Turkish salep]
References in classic literature ?
Sina well compounded when the moon stands in the proper House; yellow earths I have - arplan from China that makes a man renew his youth and astonish his household; saffron from Kashmir, and the best salep of Kabul.
Flavoured powder drinks and salep (under other plant-based hot drinks) are not expected to see major new product launches which would affect the growth of the category.
One can imagine Clown purchasing a saloop, a drink (made from salep or sassafras with milk and sugar) used by the poor instead of coffee.
26: elaps apers lapse asper leaps pares lepas parse pales pears peals prase pleas presa salep rapes saple reaps sepal spaer slape spare spale spear speal sprae
Effects of salep, glycerol and sunflower oil on potato starch-based edible film.