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Noun1.sales finance company - a finance company that buys (at a discount) the installment sales contracts of retail merchants
finance company - a financial institution (often affiliated with a holding company or manufacturer) that makes loans to individuals or businesses
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As a nationally licensed sales finance company and third-party servicer authorized to conduct business in all fifty states and the District of Columbia, SFC has developed a technology-enabled platform that allows contractors to offer financing solutions to consumers as part of their in-home sales process.
From 2006 to April 2010, Inofin's executives allegedly defrauded investors while maintaining the company's license to do business as a motor vehicle sales finance company by preparing and submitting materially false financial statements to its licensing authority, the Massachusetts Division of Banks.
Birmingham-based sales finance company LIQUIDITY has made four strategic hires to push forward its expansion.
Quantum Auto Group is a sales finance company that originates retail installment contracts or auto loans from auto dealerships and then sells them to a variety of financial organizations.
which provides full-service brokerage and investment advice through an association with UVest Financial Services, and Freedom Finance, LLC, a sales finance company located at 165 North Renfro Street in Mount Airy.
A top corporate banker at the Royal Bank Of Scotland has been headhunted to join the team at Birmingham-based sales finance company Liquidity.
com is no longer just a lead referral model," says LaCombe, "We are a licensed sales finance company in 17 states.