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(ˈseɪlzˌpi pəl)
people engaged in selling.
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First, the salespeople "buy in" to the prospects' perceptions about their problems, which rarely touch on the real causes for them.
Again, don't let salespeople schedule their prospects' demos during regular booth time as this interferes with identifying prospects duties.
There is no single best method for following up with salespeople.
Kelly: The total cost to automate 758 salespeople and backroom information was less than $3 million.
The last thing you want is to find yourself in a firm that is notorious for stiffing its salespeople.
Along with its existing salespeople in various states, the company plans to add new sales and maintenance staff within the next four to six months.
The defendants organized a ``boiler room'' operation in which telephone salespeople would make unsolicited calls to individuals to sell undivided interest in these parcels, the lawsuits state.
Sometimes key account programs meet with resistance from traditional salespeople who struggle with the idea of not treating all customers equally.
housing market is weeding out the less-talented salespeople and brokers.
8220;I have been directly involved in hiring salespeople for over 20 years,” said Garth Rose, President of Garth Rose Consulting Group, “so have seen what works and what doesn't in the sales hiring process.
The best groups, Rasmussen says, combine salespeople from territories all over the country, so that members aren't naturally competing with one another.
Earlier this year, Tactile launched the commercial version of its award-winning product Tact, a mobile productivity suite designed to help salespeople be more effective anywhere - regardless of wireless coverage - and to help companies get more value from their CRM investments.