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tr.v. sal·i·nized, sal·i·niz·ing, sal·i·niz·es
To salinate.

sal′i·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsælɪˌnaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to treat with salt or render salty


(ˈsæl əˌnaɪz, ˈseɪ lə-)

v.t. -nized, -niz•ing.
to treat with salt or render saline.
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Halophytes that are well supplied with moisture may salinize soils, thereby reducing water uptake and transpiration (Passioura et al.
The salts sodium chloride and calcium chloride at the proportion of 2:1 were used in order to artificially salinize the irrigation water and, with the aid of a conductivity meter, the different levels of electrical conductivity for the irrigation water were determined (0.
However, this behavior might be related to the fertilizer source used in this experiment (potassium sulfate), its potential to salinize the soil (Grattan & Grieve, 1999) and the sensitivity of the crop to salts, as described by Saied et al.