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sal·low 1

adj. sal·low·er, sal·low·est
Of a sickly yellowish hue or complexion.
tr.v. sal·lowed, sal·low·ing, sal·lows
To make sallow.

[Middle English salowe, from Old English salo.]

sal′low·ly adv.
sal′low·ness n.

sal·low 2

Any of several low-growing or shrubby European willows, especially Salix caprea or S. cinerea, having large catkins that appear early in the spring and formerly used as a source of charcoal and tannin.

[Middle English saloue, from Old English sealh.]
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Noun1.sallowness - a sickly yellowish skin color
complexion, skin color, skin colour - the coloring of a person's face
إمْتِقاع الوَجْه، شُحوب
beteges sápadtságsárgásság
gulleitur fölvi


[ˈsæləʊnɪs] Nlo amarillo, lo cetrino


nBlässe f, → Fahlheit f


[ˈsæləʊnɪs] ncolore m giallastro


(ˈsӕləu) adjective
(of a complexion) pale or yellowish, not pink.
ˈsallowness noun
References in classic literature ?
Miles, the master, affirmed that he would do very well if he had fewer cakes and sweetmeats sent him from home; but the mother's heart turned from an opinion so harsh, and inclined rather to the more refined idea that John's sallowness was owing to over-application and, perhaps, to pining after home.
What he in green thought of Don Quixote of La Mancha was that a man of that sort and shape he had never yet seen; he marvelled at the length of his hair, his lofty stature, the lankness and sallowness of his countenance, his armour, his bearing and his gravity- a figure and picture such as had not been seen in those regions for many a long day.
So that, gentle sir, neither this horse, nor this lance, nor this shield, nor this squire, nor all these arms put together, nor the sallowness of my countenance, nor my gaunt leanness, will henceforth astonish you, now that you know who I am and what profession I follow.
Casaubon's moles and sallowness, had escaped to the vicarage to play with the curate's ill-shod but merry children.
It can make your teeth look whiter and counteracts sallowness, giving your skin a brighter appearance.
Sun-induced photoaging is clinically characterized by deep wrinkles, as well as mottled pigmentation, rough skin, skin tone loss, dryness, sallowness, deep furrows, severe atrophy, spider veins, laxity, leathery appearance, marked loss of elasticity, actinic purpura (purple spots), precancerous lesions, and possibly skin cancer, including melanoma.
Clinical research study results have shown a significant reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmented spots, red blotchiness and skin sallowness.
With this breakthrough in mind, Lancome studied 10,000 women in 19 countries, then created three formulas tailor made to halt redness in fair skins, sallowness in medium tones and blemish marks in dark skins.
Chronological aging is due to passage of time, whereas premature aging occurred due to some environmental factors on skin produces visible signs such as irregular dryness, dark/light pigmentation, sallowness severe atrophy, telangiectases, premalignant lesions, laxity, leathery appearance and deep wrinkling.