salt dome

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salt dome

n. Geology
A domelike geologic formation formed when an underground salt deposit rises toward the surface, pushing up and curving what lies above it.

salt dome


salt plug

(Geological Science) a domelike structure of stratified rocks containing a central core of salt: formed by the upward movement of a salt deposit

salt′ dome`

a domal geologic structure formed by upward movement of a salt mass: associated with pools of oil and gas.
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Along the Kalabagh Fault, a salt plug migrating upward has been interpreted as suggested by its map relationship (Fig.
In the case of Mandous, the oil is likely to have migrated from deeper source rocks along faults associated with the Mandous salt plug.
The methods use a linear salt gradient, instead of salt plug injections, in the strong cation-exchange first dimension, and reversed-phase in the second injection.