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A saltworks.

[Old English sealtærn : sealt, salt; see salt + ærn, house.]


1. (Chemistry) another word for saltworks
2. (Physical Geography) a place where salt is obtained from pools of evaporated sea water
[Old English saltærn, from salt + ærn house. Compare barn1, ransack]


(ˈsɔl tərn)

1. a saltworks.
2. a plot of land laid out in pools for the evaporation of seawater to produce salt.
[before 900; Old English sealtærn saltworks =sealt salt1 + ærn building]
References in classic literature ?
From the vine-yard and the vine-press, from the bouvary or ox-farm, from the marl-pits and salterns, even from the distant iron-works of Sowley and the outlying grange of St.
He asked the Ministry of Electricity to help the company deliver power to the sand separation factory in Minisi saltern, as the ministry demanded EGP 227m, which is considered a big sum as the project is considered a national strategic one, according to Sultan.
Mark and Helen Saltern, of Delabole, said Scully-Hicks had been a close friend of their daughter as she grew up.
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We are also planning to upgrade Elephant Pass saltern so that we will become self-sufficient in domestic and industrial salt supplies.
Vides igitur, mi Lector, quanta sit plurimarum linguarum affinitas, quamque levi negotio praecipue Europaeorum lingua subsidio trium antiquissimarum perdisci vel saltern intelligi possint.
Actor iam in prima instantia declaravit quod persuasus erat de aptitudine uxoris efformandi familiam, saltern implicite perveniens ad iudicium de capacitate procreativa d.
Winner of the Large Projects Category was the Environment Agency, along with consultant Halcrow HC2M Mill, contractor Balfour Beatty and site supervisors Arup, for the Greatham Managed Realignment : creation of the Saltern Wetlands, on the Tees Estuary, Hartlepool.
Unde ne sit homo sine eorum qualicumque cognitione, provisum est ei ut saltern per fidem divina cognoscat, Eccl.