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n. pl. sal·tos
A somersault.

[Italian, jump, from Old Italian, from Latin saltus; see somersault.]


Turns around short axis of body.
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Within this environment, the freedom to practice one's religion isn't taken for granted and offers some detainees the chance to "rediscover the faith that was planted in their hearts as children," according to Esmeralda Saltos, who leads chaplaincy work on behalf of the Seattle archdiocese at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma (NCR, Nov.
In the meantime, Saltos said, detainees "have a hunger for reconciliation and a desire that I haven't seen outside of the detention center.
This is, of course, equivalent to the calculation of several tuned SALTOs with different chiller penalization factors [alpha] in the cost function.
The solution obtained by SALTO will serve as a reference for the multiannually optimal system performance, according to the defined goals.
Amman, May 21 (Petra)-His Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II on Tuesday inaugurated the Saltos Hotel, which is part of the Sult Vocational Training Center, one of the specialized institutions in the tourism and hospitality field in Jordan.
Angel Saltos, President of the Ricky Martin Foundation, said that after their visit to The Astrodome, The Playground Center and The Texas Children's Hospital, the Foundation sent shoes, educational games, diapers and food to various centers throughout the city.
The donation was made official in a friendly ceremony where Ricky Martin, Fernando Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation, and Saltos exchanged ideas with the principals and various teachers of The E.
For Esmeralda Saltos, a typical Sunday includes four worship services: morning Mass with her family at Holy Disciples Parish in Puyallup, Wash.
The funds raised will go to various organizations specialized in providing aid to children who survive emergency situations, said Angel Saltos, Executive Director of the Ricky Martin Foundation.
Changes in the consolidation structure (inclusion of HIDRU%A I, TERBESA, Saltos del Nansa, Energ
CONSOLIDATION STRUCTURE - A number of changes in the Group's consolidation structure (inclusion of HIDRU%A I, TERBESA, ENECO, Saltos del Nansa, Energias de Aragon and other generation and market assets acquired during the second quarter, 1994, within the framework of the sector's agreements) have had again a significant effect over this semester 's economic parameters as a whole.
Supply and installation of electronic locking system for changing room lockers and lockers in the extension of already existing in the UKD locking system (Manufacturer: Salto Systems GmbH, www.