saltwater taffy

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salt′water taf′fy

a taffy made with salted fresh water or, sometimes, with seawater.
[1890–95, Amer.]
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Yankee Candle's boardwalk-inspired summer fragrances, launched earlier this month, allow customers to surprise mom with a Beach Holiday or a jar of Saltwater Taffy.
For years, saltwater taffy, candied apples, and cotton candy were the mainstays on the midway.
Nose: Clover honey, fresh-cut grass, candied orange peel, marzipan, saltwater taffy, white pepper and vanilla spice.
The result is a bendable material, which even at room temperature feels a bit like saltwater taffy left in the fridge.
She pulled out camel and elephant trinkets, saltwater taffy from Maine, a bejeweled pink scarf for Caira, and head flashlights for the boys.
With the help of a mobile website powered by Shore Mobile, the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce wants all brides-to-be to see that LBI has more to offer than a clean beach and renowned saltwater taffy.
Imagine that--face to face with a presidential candidate who a) belittles your obviously desperate situation and b) provides you with a solution that, at least in Goldberg's case, was the equivalent of a box of saltwater taffy.
But this trip allowed us to pick up some fresh saltwater taffy (yes, I love chewy things, too) in Rockport and watch the sunset from Bearskin Neck.
On the top floor of a 19th or early 20th Century orphanage that's flanked by little more than a train depot and distant, scattered farms, a boy hides a saltwater taffy box under a floorboard.
Creations for Chocolate Nougats, Caramel-Filled Chocolates, Rochers, Apple Jellies, Candied Citrus Peel, Gummy Bears, Sugarplums, Rock Candy, Sponge Toffee, Classic Chocolate Fudge, Saltwater Taffy and Peanut Butter Cups are included.
Giving the family candy shop a good name, all three generations of the Snook clan can be found at Snooks Candies, cooking, stretching, and rolling sweets from handmade truffles to saltwater taffy.
Discover charming boardwalk towns including Cape May, Ocean City and Wildwood, or take your pick from half-a-dozen vineyards, an alpaca farm, the birthplace of saltwater taffy, and a quirky abandoned hotel called Lucy the Elephant.