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Conducive or favorable to health or well-being.

[From Latin salūbris, from salūs, health; see sol- in Indo-European roots.]

sa·lu′bri·ous·ly adv.
sa·lu′bri·ous·ness, sa·lu′bri·ty (-brĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.salubrity - the quality of being salubrious and invigorating
healthfulness - the quality of promoting good health
insalubriousness, insalubrity - the quality of being insalubrious and debilitating


[səˈluːbrɪtɪ] Nsalubridad f
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To these flourishing resolutions, which briefly recounted the general utility of education, the political and geographical rights of the village of Templeton to a participation in the favors of the regents of the university, the salubrity of the air, and wholesomeness of the water, together with the cheapness of food and the superior state of morals in the neighbor hood, were uniformly annexed, in large Roman capitals, the names of Marmaduke Temple as chairman and Richard Jones as secretary.
Also I think of changing my residence for a time: probably I shall close or let `The Shrubs,' and take some place near the coast--under advice of course as to salubrity.
Micawber, 'I rejoice to reply that they are, likewise, in the enjoyment of salubrity.
Decision, salubrity, jocosity, prosperity, seem to hover within his call; he is evidently a practical man, but the idea in his case, has undefined and mysterious boundaries, which invite the imagination to bestir itself on his behalf.
Louis, in questioning the perfect salubrity of its climate, and in hinting that I think it must rather dispose to fever, in the summer and autumnal seasons.
Food security in Kuwait is not limited to adequate supply, rather, salubrity and food freshness are among factors taken into account in efforts to grant the populace unlimited access to food.
Tenders are invited for Development of the programs to support the management and control of the salubrity of high and low risk facilities for the transmission of legionella in municipal facilities of the region of la Garrotxa
Vivani Salubrity SA Slobozia is in charge of the selective collection of recycled waste (made out of PET, plastic, paper, cardboard) from the domestic waste in the urban localities in Ialomita county and has opened bias points in Urziceni and Fetesti, where transfer stations function, which have as activity object the temporary storage of domestic waste collected by the economical agents in the assigned localities.
As the Clorox advertisement spells out, notions of cleanliness and salubrity rest on a wished-for world that is "more than white.
1975) ("Far from being the scourge of modern jurisprudence, class actions contribute to its salubrity and vitality.
We find ourselves in the peaceful possession, of the fairest portion of the earth, as regards extent of territory, fertility of soil, and salubrity of climate.
The violence of this relationship between subject and sundering" responsibility is explored repeatedly in Munro's stories, which challenge the salubrity of the obligations of care.