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n. pl. sa·lu·mi
Any of various cured Italian meats, usually made from pork, that range from mildly to highly spiced, including prosciutto, salami, and bresaola.

[Italian, plural of salume, salumi : sale, salt (from Latin sāl; see sal- in Indo-European roots) + -ume, collective n. suff. (from Latin -ūmen).]
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And that's without introducing the word salumi, which refers to any cured pork product.
Under the banner "The Extraordinary Italian Taste," food companies from nearly all regions of Italy will present the best in pasta, cheese, olive oil, salumi and more to buyers from top names in retailing and restaurants looking to bring more specialty food from Italy to U.
DO DINNER RIGHT Popular husband-and wife-run restaurant Bestia serves the holy trinity of Italian cooking with house-cured salumi, perfectly charred thin-crust pizza, and rustic pastas like the hand-rolled tagliatelle with speck and pork ragu.
The 2012 Lioco "Indica" carignan/mourvedre blend from Mendocino County ($50 a bottle), for instance, has notes of kirsch, dark chocolate and bright raspberry that make it a winner with light grilled meats, salumi and pastas with tomato sauce, Bernard says.
Come savor our smoked paprika pizza, piled with aged pork salumi with hints of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.
Sexy Italian Reds" with Keith and Kathy features favorite food and wine pairings, including Italian Meatballs with Perazzata Sara Bianco and Monte Tondo Soave; Fried Polenta, Salumi and Cheese with Podere Ciona Semi Fonte; Crostini With Olive Oil, Sage and White Bean Spread with Ripasso from Valpolicella; and Fig Cantucci (soft Biscotti cookies) with Bocelli Prosecco.
Then we are ready for a nice meal: some salumi, perhaps a colorful rice salad, some cheese.
Two new students, Ghaida Al Qatan and Salama Al Salumi, both of whom received a scholarship from Salalah Methanol to study B.
The pasta dishes are not over-sauced, the meats are carefully roasted, and a simple plate of mixed salumi needs only a good glass of wine as an accompaniment.
Additional offerings include salumi, house-made fresh pasta, "piccoli piatti" - signature Italian antipasti designed for sharing - and an al forno entree section highlighting the distinct flavors imparted by the wood-burning ovens.
Start with the eight basic pork products of Italy's classic salumi cooking, then enjoy over a hundred variations on the basic theme with a powerful collection any aspiring meat cook will find key to learning the craft.