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A metal urn with a spigot, used to boil water for tea and traditionally having a chimney and heated by coals.

[Russian : samo, self; see sem- in Indo-European roots + varit', to boil.]


(ˈsæməˌvɑː; ˌsæməˈvɑː)
(Cookery) (esp in Russia) a metal urn for making tea, in which the water is heated esp formerly by charcoal held in an inner container or nowadays more usually by electricity
[C19: from Russian, from samo- self (related to same) + varit' to boil]


(ˈsæm əˌvɑr, ˌsæm əˈvɑr)

a metal urn, used esp. by Russians for heating water to make tea.
[1820–30; < Russian samovár=samo- self (see same) + -var, n. derivative of varít' to cook, boil]
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Noun1.samovar - a metal urn with a spigot at the basesamovar - a metal urn with a spigot at the base; used in Russia to boil water for tea
urn - a large pot for making coffee or tea


[ˌsæməʊˈvɑːʳ] Nsamovar m


nSamowar m
References in classic literature ?
Surely it is for some welcome guest beyond the common that you have had the samovar [Tea-urn.
The little princess went round the table with quick, short, swaying steps, her workbag on her arm, and gaily spreading out her dress sat down on a sofa near the silver samovar, as if all she was doing was a pleasure to herself and to all around her.
The workmen's cook, who had had a sleep after dinner and was now getting the samovar ready for her husband, turned cheerfully to Nikita, and infected by his hurry began to move as quickly as he did, got down his miserable worn-out cloth coat from the stove where it was drying, and began hurriedly shaking it out and smoothing it down.
Nastasya was standing with her back to him, blowing up the landlady's samovar.
A samovar is more than a simple kitchen appliance, ranging anywhere from 1 liter to 400 liters, these containers are used not only for their function but their beauty.
A 'watering hole' of sorts for Mumbai's intellectuals, this gallery is also where one of the city's most popular cafes, Samovar, is located.
Earlier in the day, Oxx and Berry struck with Samovar in the one-mile six-furlongs maiden.
Along with a samovar providing hot water for drinks, a regular trolley service selling snacks and a dining car, all the basic necessities were taken care of.
A samovar at the end of the carriage offers a constant supply of boiling hot drinkable water for tea, soup and noodles and whatever other food you can make by adding liquid.
Together, participants bought 3,260 tickets to visit the five lavishly decorated homes owned by Bill and Bev Dallas of Sherwood Country Club, Mary and Steve Radenbaugh of Agoura Hills, Frank and Jean Butler of Westlake Village, Phillip and Debbie Samovar of Agoura Hills, and Kelly and Tim Ryan of North Ranch.
Samovar Tea Lounge is officially the first tea company to introduce a compostable container for their full line of teas, which are available for purchase at Samovar's three Bay Area retail locations and online store.