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Noun1.sampling station - an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something
observation station - a station set up for making observations of something
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Shortly after feeling that I'd had enough, I rounded another aisle and was confronted by yet another sampling station.
There were significant differences in water chemistry, both temporally and spatially, at each sampling station within the upper watershed.
About a kilometre downstream there is a sampling station at Manley Hall which is run by United Utilities and nothing untoward was picked up at that station.
3]-N concentrations at the most affected sampling station.
Multotec, in conjunction with the main engineering contractor, BMH, completed the installation and commissioning of the Outgo 4 sampling station at RBCT last year, supplying a purpose-designed and unique rotary sampler for the discharge end of the conveyor which takes a timed sample of 1.
Local habitat and landscape characteristics of the context surrounding each sampling station (500-in and 1-km radius) were also computed.
The End-of-Pour Sampling Station from SinterCast, Auburn Hills, Michigan, allows thermal analysis samples of poured compacted graphite iron (CGI) to be obtained from the pouring basin of newly poured molds.
This new module provides up to four equivalent output beams, which can be configured with a sampling station.
2]) macrobenthos was found at sampling station S-2B of the Bakkhali River Estuary and minimum (711 ind.