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Noun1.sampling station - an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something
observation station - a station set up for making observations of something
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Impingers were positioned in a linear array with each sampling station separated by 2500 ft (762 m).
We used seven essential fields for this analysis: location, growing area, sampling station, date, time, fecal coliform concentration in MPN/100 mL, and closure status (open/closed).
It's a sampling project to assess the current state, and we've established the sampling station upstream and downstream to see how it's evolving--before and after sources of potential contaminants--and then installed couple of water monitoring wells," Doyon said.
Black Powder Solutions has developed a pipeline sampling station capable of accurately detecting amounts of black powder built up within oil and gas lines, detecting problem areas in the pipeline and the composition of the contamination.
A Grow your Own sampling station provided by Kirklees Council was causing quite a stir with visitors.
Though all the sampling sites can be classified as soft waters, the samples from sampling station II, which fell in-between the areas of higher elevation (I) and lower elevation (III), showed a high value of total hardness that exceeded WHO/EPA drinking water standards.
Each sampling station was associated with a USGS water gage identified by GPS coordinates and the USGS gage identification number.
Areal percent cover of macroalgae (%) was recorded for each sampling station.
We came up with the result that for most of the river that runs through Ann Arbor, we should be able to detect a change of that magnitude by sampling once a week for one summer or two summers, depending on the sampling station," said Lehman.
Built into the wine aisle is a sampling station that functions as a mini prep area.
Projects range from a water sampling station, upgrades to sidewalks, to compost program improvements.