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Righteousness accompanied by an unwarranted attitude of moral or social superiority; smug or hypocritical righteousness.

[Obsolete French sanctimonie, from Latin sānctimōnia, sacredness, from sānctus, holy; see sanctify.]


(ˈsæŋk təˌmoʊ ni)

1. pretended, affected, or hypocritical religious devotion, righteousness, etc.
2. Obs. sanctity; sacredness.
[1530–40; < Latin sānctimōnia holiness. See Sanctus, -mony]
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Noun1.sanctimony - the quality of being hypocritically devout
hypocrisy - insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have


A show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess:
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She finds peace without sanctimony and divines wisdom from the most unlikely sources - Gandalf is a frequent comfort - and she is not afraid to admit to her own humanity.
She added: "I can't speak with too much sanctimony.
The Crazy Chick singer continued: "I can't speak with too much sanctimony.
The downside can be, occasionally, a less joyful sanctimony.
Faced with failure of what Jackson dubs the "government in a box" model (in which counterinsurgents' toolkit sets up stable, popularly supported governments), the policy "answer lies in decreased ambition and sanctimony, and an acceptance of increased complexity and
Ellis's funny is a grim-funny, but its tone illustrates a kind of "coming out," emotionally refreshing because it seems more real than the sanctimony and reverence of much other work.
I have thought about my granny a lot recently as I have listened to the sanctimony spouted against Islam in the wake of Charlie Hebdo.
With sanctimony commensurate with their hypocrisy, school choice opponents borrow language from the era of Brown v.
It is long past the time for the new bigots of political correctness to get over their condescending sanctimony and to enter into the real world of brotherhood and fellowship.
It would expose the sanctimony enwrapping their humbug.
What, exactly, was he trying to say in this bizarre melange of sexist myth, sexist sanctimony and sexist sex?