sand cat

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Noun1.sand cat - a desert wildcatsand cat - a desert wildcat      
wildcat - any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
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Several endangered species make the conservation programme of Al Ain Zoo, including the African wild dog, rhinos, Grevy's zebra and the Arabian sand cat.
Sigi meets other animals native to the desert, including camels, a hare, a jerboa, a desert sand fox, a sand cat, and a sand gecko.
Zoo keepers will lead a weekly discussion focusing on different species including the Arabian sand cat, Arabian leopard, Arabian Oryx, and the Ghaf tree.
The initiative comprised the exchange of endangered species, including Dama gazelle, Arabian oryx, Scimitar-horned oryx, Arabian sand cat, Arabian wolves, African turtles, elands, wildebeest and ponies.
The world's rare animals including Ibex, Urial, Chinkara, Sand Cat, Crocodile and Marine Turtle habitat in the park", they said.
The cats mainly exist in the deserts of Asia and Africa but the Sand cat is the only species of feline to truly live in a desert environment.
Two Plasan Sand Cat vehicles are still searching for the missing workers.
If we talk about Pakistan, it is home to a number of endangered species, including the woolly flying squirrel, markhor, blue whale, Pakistani sand cat, the ibex wild goat, and several species of birds, whales and turtles.
The Sand Cat is a compact, highly manoeuvrable platform capable of carrying up to eight fully equipped soldiers.
Meet nine desert-dwelling creatures, including the addax, fennec fox and sand cat.
Eight of the 17 runners, including In Full Cry, elected to race on the far side of the track with Sand Cat and Buachaill Dona disputing the lead on the stands rail.
A sand cat - they are cute looking, independent and they are nocturnal.