sand dab

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sand dab

or sand·dab (sănd′dăb′)
Any of several small edible flatfishes, especially those of the genus Citharichthys of Pacific waters.

sand dab



(Animals) any of various small flatfishes of the genus Citharichthys that occur in American Pacific coastal waters and are important food fishes

sand′ dab`

any of several flatfishes inhabiting waters along the Pacific coast of North America.
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Noun1.sand dab - the lean flesh of a small flounder from the Pacific coast of North Americasand dab - the lean flesh of a small flounder from the Pacific coast of North America
flounder - flesh of any of various American and European flatfish
2.sand dab - small food fishes of the Pacific coast of North America
lefteye flounder, lefteyed flounder - flatfishes with both eyes on the left side of the head
Citharichthys, genus Citharichthys - a genus of Bothidae
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Food-lovers will be able to sign up for the Northumberland Seafood Centre's soon-to-be-launched Creel Fish Club, a vegetable box-type scheme delivering less popular, seasonal species like pollack, gurnard, hake and sand dab.
He was followed by Shaun Lister with a pouting and rockling for 1lb 6oz, and Russell Miller with a whiting and sand dab to 1lb 3.
The North Tees match earlier this month saw 12 out of 17 weigh in seven cod, 27 whiting, two flounder and one sand dab.
Lingcod remain under a separate limit, as do tuna, surfperch and sand dab.
I love the fluffy fried sand dab ``strips'' brought forth here in a fritto misto pairing with the ubiquitous calamari fritti ($9).
Matt Beckett was runner-up with a flounder and a sand dab for 13oz, and Darren Lister came third with two rockling for 12.
5oz, made up of five flounder, five sand dab and a plaice.
Phil Mann came out on top with a whiting and a sand dab for a total of 1lb 7.
Darren Lister finished third with five rockling and two eelpout, also from Cowbar Jetty, for 1lb 6oz, in a match fished by 14 with 10 weighing in a total of three codling, three flounder, a tadpole fish, a pouting, a sand dab, three eelpout and 15 rockling.
Stuart Green caught a flounder, a sand dab and a plaice for 1lb 1.
Andy Pears also landed five whiting, but just one sand dab, and had to settle for second place with 2lb 13oz.
For the climactic flavor experience of a gourmet spread including spot prawns, red abalone, sand dabs and Dungeness crab from the Monterey Bay, along with the area's signature artichokes and grass-fed beef, sommelier Ted Glennon of Monterey's historic Restaurant 1833 chose an unusual and relatively new dessert wine on the market, Tudor Wines', Maestral “Wein der Eisbox” Riesling.