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san·dal 1

1. A shoe consisting of a sole fastened to the foot by thongs or straps.
2. A low-cut shoe fastened to the foot by an ankle strap.
3. A rubber overshoe cut very low and covering little more than the sole of the shoe.
4. A strap or band for fastening a low shoe or slipper on the foot.

[Middle English, from Old French sandale, from Latin sandalium, from Greek sandalion, diminutive of sandalon, sandal, of unknown origin.]

san′daled adj.

san·dal 2


[Middle English, from Old French sandale, from Medieval Latin sandalum, from Late Greek santalon, sandalon, ultimately from Middle Persian čandal, from Sanskrit candanam, of Dravidian origin; akin to Tamil and Malayalam cāntu, sandalwood paste, Tamil cāttu, to daub, smear, and Telugu cādu, to rub into a paste.]
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Adj.1.sandaled - shod with sandals
shod, shodden, shoed - wearing footgear
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Over his shoulder he carried a long staff, with the fashion of a little cross at one end; and he had sandaled feet like any monk.
Presently out of the mass of lion tracks, Tarzan picked up those of many sandaled feet and the scent spoor of the members of the strange race such as had been with the lions the night before, and then faintly he caught the scent spoor of the girl and a little later that of Smith-Oldwick.
Through narrowed lids the Princess of Helium scrutinized the Jeddak of Manator, from feathered headdress to sandaled foot and back to feathered headdress.
I will not talk with you, Mary," cried Bertrade, stamping her sandaled foot, and with a toss of her pretty head she turned abruptly toward the castle.
As Mrs Vincent Crummles recrossed back to the table, there bounded on to the stage from some mysterious inlet, a little girl in a dirty white frock with tucks up to the knees, short trousers, sandaled shoes, white spencer, pink gauze bonnet, green veil and curl papers; who turned a pirouette, cut twice in the air, turned another pirouette, then, looking off at the opposite wing, shrieked, bounded forward to within six inches of the footlights, and fell into a beautiful attitude of terror, as a shabby gentleman in an old pair of buff slippers came in at one powerful slide, and chattering his teeth, fiercely brandished a walking-stick.
As Art Basel Miami dances in on sandaled feet, turn your thoughts back to holiday shopping with these watches for the art lover in your life.
After maneuvering a big SUV as close to the presumed grave site as possible, he opened his car door, gingerly tiptoed his sandaled foot out-and landed in a puddle.
Barefoot or sandaled women negotiate the uneven cobblestones with wicker baskets of clothing perfectly balanced on their heads and children chase each other through back alleys wearing masks of the devil that are such an integral part of local lore.
I remember thinking of Mary, mother of Jesus, as I glimpsed a pair of sandaled feet across from me in the Palestinian line at a checkpoint on the West Bank.
In the split-screen view of a woman in a chair in her upstairs bedroom, in one pane she sits with her legs crossed staring at her sandaled foot, a tumbler of pink lemonade held and resting on her knee, and she studies the color of the polish painted on her toes, thinking it suits her and goes with just about anything.
Lydia had two black eyes, cuts on her hands, and bruises on torso, buttocks, and legs along with a foot injury from where a stomping boot had come down on her sandaled foot.
Charlotte frowned, looking down at her sandaled feet.