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A bag filled with sand and used as ballast, in the formation of protective walls, or as a weapon.
v. sand·bagged, sand·bag·ging, sand·bags
1. To put sandbags in or around.
2. To hit with a sandbag.
3. Slang
a. To treat severely or unjustly.
b. To force by crude means; coerce: sandbagged us into cleaning up their mess.
c. To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in a game or activity in order to deceive (someone), especially in gambling: sandbagged the pool player by playing poorly in the first game when stakes were low.
v.intr. Slang
To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in order to deceive someone, especially in gambling.

sand′bag′ger n.
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Noun1.sandbagger - someone who deceives you about his true nature or intent in order to take advantage of you
beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
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The obstacles include The Log Jam, the Low Wall, Barrel of Laughs, Tyre Mire, Container Detainer, The Big Squeeze, Leaning Wall, ZZ Hop, Netfix, Killa G'rilla, Walk of Rain, Sidewalk Shuffle, Sandbagger Hill 1, Rolling Thunder, Splashdown, Updown Updown, Sandbagger's Hill 2, Mudder's Delight, Zig Zag, and Bladder Ladder.
Papa" Joe Rutkowski, who should be a Master-Class USPSA shooter if he wasn't such a sandbagger, fires thousands of rounds in competition every year.
least some sellers would view a known sandbagger less positively than if
com)-- An innovative and effective new product designed to greatly simplify a normally cumbersome task, the Auto Sandbagger, has been developed by Michael W.
BCB International, the UK-based survival equipment specialist, is set to unveil its key device Sandbagger at the upcoming International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.
When informed of the remarks, Howland responded by saying, ``Well, that guy's a good sandbagger.
El Nino brought a great deal of interest, and it really boosted sales,'' said Stacey Kanzler, president of the Sandbagger Corp.
That is why the word Sandbagger has spread to politicians' statements.
Manufactured by the Sandbagger Corporation, located in Wauconda, Illinois, the Sandbagger was made available to homeowners seeking to protect ground level entrances such as window wells from quick-rising waters.
Additionally, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services is prepared to respond to requests for assistance with assets from its stockpiles, including 732 generators, 255 light towers, 1,258 pumps, 9 sandbaggers, more than 990,000 sandbags, more than more than 63,000 ready-to-eat meals, almost 70,000 bottles and 348,000 cans of water, over 9,000 cots, approximately 13,000 blankets and pillows, over 4,000 flashlights, 960 traffic barriers, 594 traffic barrels, and over 7,600 feet of aqua dam.
99 DOOMWATCH: THE MOVIE PG BBC drama about a government probe into eco-crimes ran from 1970-72 and matched Callan and The Sandbaggers for realism and sheer cynicism.
The BBC's alarming drama about a government department investigating eco-crimes ran from 1970-72 and matched Callan and The Sandbaggers for realism and sheer cynicism.