A board resembling a snowboard and equipped with bindings, used for descending sand dunes on one's feet.
intr.v. sand·board·ed, sand·board·ing, sand·boards
To use a sandboard.

sand′board′er n.
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The FabGrab, made in the USA, is a 3 in 1 quilter's sandboard.
This professional and amateur sandboard competition is free to spectators; sandmasterpark.
are ATOL protected The evening ended at a Bedouin camp, where we got the chance to slide down the dunes on a sandboard, as well as enjoy more traditional pursuits like smoking shisha (or waterpipe).
After the competition, people were allowed to sandboard as much as they wanted to, with a few safety tips from the organisers.
Dos 33 surfistas (Tabela 1), 30,3% praticam o skate, seguido de 21,2% dos praticantes de Longboard (surf com pranchas grandes), 18,2% responderam que tambem praticam o Stand Up Paddle (Surf de pe em uma prancha com um remo) e 9,1 praticam o sandboard (surf na areia).
Floripa specializes in outdoor activity, so why not learn to surf, or sandboard the sugar-fine dunes.
Los profesores lo tratan de <<abuelito>> y terminan de comentar la anecdota del sandboard, que Felipe contaba cuando llego el teniente gobernador, para recien preguntar al teniente gobernador: <<?
Lie on the beach, sandboard the dunes, take an ATV or Rover excursion into the Narnib Desert, or skydive as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean.
Markings are often cast into axle skeins (rhymes with stains), bolster and sandboard plates, box rod plates, front hound hardware, reach plate and other areas.
All that's required is a sandboard and a place to go.
MOROCCO: Sandboard down the mammoth dunes of the Sahara, then trek on camel to the foot of the Atlas Mountains for extreme mountain biking.