A board resembling a snowboard and equipped with bindings, used for descending sand dunes on one's feet.
intr.v. sand·board·ed, sand·board·ing, sand·boards
To use a sandboard.

sand′board′er n.
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This professional and amateur sandboard competition is free to spectators; sandmasterpark.
Visitors can rent a sandboard to blast off down the tall dunes, or if dune-buggy riding is their choice, families can bring their own off-roading vehicles or enjoy a tour-guided ride.
are ATOL protected The evening ended at a Bedouin camp, where we got the chance to slide down the dunes on a sandboard, as well as enjoy more traditional pursuits like smoking shisha (or waterpipe).
After the competition, people were allowed to sandboard as much as they wanted to, with a few safety tips from the organisers.
MOROCCO: Sandboard down the mammoth dunes of the Sahara, then trek on camel to the foot of the Atlas Mountains for extreme mountain biking.
His sandboard cuts into the dune, sending sand rushing down the slope.
A web site for Sandboard magazine promotes locations all around the world to enjoy dunes.
Longest Sandboard Jump--Josh Tenge will try to break his world record for the longest sandboarding backflip.
If you don't have your own sandboard, rentals are available from Sand Master Park, 5351 Highway 101, where you also can sandboard on nearby dunes.
If you are a bit of a show-off, you can stand on your sandboard as it slides down the hill, but if you are a more cautious person, then you might settle for sitting on it while it slides.
May 23 -- Stage 5: Adventure -- Sandboard time trials Location -- Sand Mountain near Fallon