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A board resembling a snowboard and equipped with bindings, used for descending sand dunes on one's feet.
intr.v. sand·board·ed, sand·board·ing, sand·boards
To use a sandboard.

sand′board′er n.
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This extreme sport involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board, though some sandboarders use a board without bindings.
When we arrive, we take a rest and have tea with a couple of sandboarders inside one of the round stone huts modelled after Nabataean dwellings, at tables made locally from date-palm leaves.
A great place to watch sandboarders, or to try it yourself, is at Jesse M.
The park has ramps and obstacles for more advanced sandboarders to navigate.
Sandboarders say the sport offers all the fun of snowboarding without the need to bundle up
Seasoned sandboarders are helpful and make you feel part of the community.
What we know as truth is that sandboarders are very respectful of the dune's ecosystem.
When the sun begins to set over the south Pacific Ocean, sandboarders make their pilgrimage to the summit of Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill), the magnificent sand dunes that guard the port city of Iquique (e-KEY-keh) from the parched Atacama Desert.
When sand on the dunes moves--pushed by strong winds or even sandboarders like Beale--the grains rub together and bounce off each other.
The photos of sandboarders at Great Sand Dunes [May/June 1999] were staged by the photographer and occurred in 1992.
Sandboarders, like their snowboarding brethren, coast down the face of a steep, colossal slope at between 30 and 50 miles per hour.
Josh Tenge, 25, is a former world champion sandboarder and one of the few riders in the United States who considers himself full time.