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A small shorebird (Calidris alba) found on sandy beaches almost worldwide, having predominantly gray and white plumage.

[Perhaps from sand + -ling.]


(Animals) a small sandpiper, Crocethia alba, that frequents sandy shores
[C17: perhaps from sand + Old English erthling, eorthling earthling]


(ˈsæn dər lɪŋ)

a small sandpiper, Calidris alba, that breeds in the Arctic and frequents sandy beaches in the winter.
[1595–1605; sand + -erling, representing Old English yrthling kind of bird]
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Noun1.sanderling - small sandpiper that breeds in the Arctic and migrates southward along sandy coasts in most of worldsanderling - small sandpiper that breeds in the Arctic and migrates southward along sandy coasts in most of world
sandpiper - any of numerous usually small wading birds having a slender bill and piping call; closely related to the plovers
Crocethia, genus Crocethia - a genus of Scolopacidae
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At the Performance Awards he was presented with the Sanderling Cup by WPCS president DR Harris of the Pennal Stud.
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The interesting programme by Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra chief conductor Michael Sanderling began with Wagner's grand Prelude, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg and ended with Brahms' enigmatic Fourth Symphony.
Orchestral tone was rich, Sanderling tended to overphrase, horns redeemed themselves in the slow movement after a few accidents beforehand and the principal flute made a poignant solo contribution to the awesome finale which drew playing from musicians totally appreciative of how wonderful this music is - though towards the end Sanderling's balances could have been kinder.
The final pages recount all the tracks and numbers in sequence for further learning reinforcement, while additional Animal Facts are featured in the final pages for featured species, including caribou, grizzly bear, horse, moose, raccoon, rhinoceros, river otter, sanderling, tapir, white-nosed coatimundi, wolf, and an wolverine.
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29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Carey Watermark Investors Incorporated (CWI), a non-traded real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on investing in lodging and lodging-related properties, announced that it has acquired the Sanderling Resort, a 106-room full-service resort, located in Duck, North Carolina on the Outer Banks.
Conductor Thomas Sanderling knew Shosta-kovich personally and worked with him on some of these songs.
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Mendez, now of Sanderling Lane, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, was given a 12-month community order with supervision and ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid work.