sandhill crane

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sand·hill crane

A large crane (Grus canadensis) of North America and northeastern Siberia, having gray plumage and a bald red forehead.

sand′hill crane`

a North American crane, Grus canadensis, having bluish gray plumage and a red forehead.
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In the field, long ranks of snow and blue geese buzzed by the window, and in a handful of places we saw the lanky gray figures of sandhill cranes, like clay-colored statues in the amber autumn fields.
Extreme climatic conditions likely influenced Sandhill Crane behavior during winters 2011- 2013 through effects on food availability and habitat resources.
About 30 miles west of the Crane Trust, the town of Kearney bills itself as "the sandhill crane capital of the world.
22: The Sandhill Crane Migration Moon is new today, favorable for planting garlic and greens across the South, for digging in the last of the tulips and daffodils in the nation's midsection, and for starting bedding plants for spring everywhere.
Key words: polyarthritis, idiopathic arthritis, reactive arthritis, avian, Mississippi sandhill crane, Grus canadensis pulla
There were bear, deer, moose, coyote, sandhill crane and the largest set of wolf tracks I had seen for years.
But since 1975, when it became the first national wildlife refuge created under the authority of the Endangered Species Act, the Mississippi Sandhill Crane Refuge has labored to restore the bird.
There she meets keeper Jacklyn Pearson and the two sandhill crane chicks she is hand-rearing.
In his statement, Mr Lee voiced his main concern was for the sandhill crane nests and salmon habitat nearby the blast site.
We also spied a sandhill crane nest, gopher tortoises, a big alligator, wild pig scrapings and the usual array of annoying squirrels bent on destroying civilization as we know it.
Near Gautier, Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge is the world's only sanctuary for the endangered Mississippi Sandhill Crane--one of the most rare and smallest bird populations that exist.
Luck is a young sandhill crane aided by a girl in Texas before he starts his long migration to Siberia.