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 (sănd′hôg′, -hŏg′)
n. Slang
A laborer who works inside a caisson, as in the construction of underwater tunnels.


(Building) chiefly US and Canadian a person who works in underground or underwater construction projects


(ˈsændˌhɒg, -ˌhɔg)

a person who works in a caisson in digging underwater tunnels.
[1900–05, Amer.]
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Designed for sandy and soft soils, the Sandhog HD (heavy duty) backreamer combines aggressive cutting, mixing and packing for more efficient pullback on the job.
This company later produced another dramatic rendition of a Sholem Aleichem story, Tevya and His Daughters--which opened on September 16,1957, and was received with far less enthusiasm than their previous show (78)--as well as The Best of Burlesque and Sandhog.
Among secondary yield component significant positive correlation between seed yield and its component was reported in number of branches per plant by Sandhog [18].
The association of rhythms with digging and of music with the subway tunnels, however, extends Flannery's analysis beyond music to the poetic influence of Seamus Heaney's poem, "Digging," on McCann's portrayal of Walker's sandhog duties (104).
Whether an employee is classified as a sandhog or a laborer can dramatically increase your premium.
It appears that Quillian's brother was killed in the blast, which throws up plenty of new questions, especially as no one knew he had a brother, let alone one who was a sandhog.
A technical specialist of Delle Vedove discusses the latest developments in profile sandhog and finishing.
The sandhog wishes to hold his jackhammer, the computer geek his keyboard.
As a boy, he danced in the musical Sandhog, and was soon appearing in the modern dance companies of Mary Anthony, Pearl Lang, and Donald McKayle.
One wrote about being a sandhog who worked on the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City.
He devotes some 80 pages to making the case for the historically deep, well recorded and ritually reinforced infrastructure of drinking in the sandhog occupational culture, and just over 30 pages to recounting the story of its transformation.
Back from college, back in the Bronx, back to work for the summer of 1987 before beginning law school, Billy wonders if he can return to the hard work of being a sandhog like his father, who was ``the first of 23 men killed building Water Tunnel Three, a body count that made it the most dangerous job in America.