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Noun1.sandhopper - small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleassandhopper - small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas; common on ocean beaches
amphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustacean
genus Orchestia, Orchestia - type genus of the family Orchestiidae
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he served as Managing Director of Sandhopper, LLC, delivering fractional CFO services to middle-market companies, and previously as Chief Financial Officer at the Judlau Companies, a privately-held group of civil and specialty construction contractors building transit-related capital improvement and public works projects.
Population biology and secondary production of the sandhopper Pseudorchestoidea hrasillensis (Amphipoda: Talitridae) at Prainha Beach, Brazil.
Scientists at the New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (IWAR) on board the RV Kaharoa discovered the 30cm creature, believed to be related to the land-based sandhopper, deep in the Kermadic Trench.