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A vacant lot used especially by children for unorganized sports and games.
Of, relating to, or played in a sandlot: sandlot baseball.

sand′lot′ter n.


1. (General Sporting Terms) an area of vacant ground used by children for playing baseball and other games
2. (General Sporting Terms) (modifier) denoting a game or sport played on a sandlot: sandlot baseball.



1. a vacant lot used by youngsters for games or sports.
2. Also, sand′-lot`. of, pertaining to, or played in such a lot: sandlot baseball.
[1875–80, Amer.]
sand′lot`ter, n.
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Noun1.sandlot - a vacant lot used by city boys to play games
building site, vacant lot - a lot on which there are no permanent buildings


[ˈsændlɒt] (US)
A. N terreno en una ciudad que se usa para el béisbol etc
B. ADJ (Sport) → de barrio, de vecindad
sandlot baseballbéisbol m de barrio
References in classic literature ?
An' right there he finishes himself, for his bad thumb, which I've known since he first got it as a kid fightin' in the sandlot at Watts Tract--he smashes that thumb right there, on my hard head, back into the socket with an out-twist, an' all the old cords that'd never got strong gets theirs again.
She complained that "what was once a day for picnics, sandlot baseball, and pruning roses has degenerated into a day of errands and housework.
com/article/space-flight-setback-spacex-has-lost-falcon-9-rock-7149#1,) website ClickHole about one of his rockets landing in his mean old neighbor's yard, Sandlot style.
Now those using or considering an HIE have a new concern when the interoperability provider goes bankrupt, as has Sandlot Solutions.
At the age of 12 Lucas took a line drive to the head during a sandlot baseball game, causing him to go completely blind.
The Hearst Sandlot Classic was the most enduring of these youth games.
9 September 2014 - Sandlot Solutions Inc, a US provider of clinical interoperability and community health management solutions, said it had secured USD23.
Since the screenings in the hotel's lounge started on June 23, they have unspooled "Goonies," "Superheroes" and "The Sandlot," among other films.
Evolving from sandlot skirmishes, the battle for three-on-three bragging rights acquires a global makeover when 20 four-man teams from all over the country take the floor after the 11 a.
s research into minor league attendance factors, as foundational as Alan Cohen's history of the Hearst Sandlot Classic.
It surprises the sleeping air around home plate, wakes the grass blades of a whole sandlot field, startles an entire stadium.