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Heavy paper coated on one side with sand or other abrasive material and used for smoothing surfaces.
tr.v. sand·pa·pered, sand·pa·per·ing, sand·pa·pers
To rub with or as if with sandpaper.

sand′pa′per·y adj.


(Mechanical Engineering) the act or process of polishing or grinding a surface with or as if with sandpaper
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The scope of work on this project is to clean, blast, sandpapering (manual surface preparation), and paint all the damaged areas on each of the foundation structures (TP~s) and deliver the needed consumables, Paint Sandpaper etc.
THESE amazing pictures show shamed Cheryl Tweedy knuckling down to community service - by sandpapering a bench.
Without Copenheaver's precision sandpapering of course, the dating lacked her usual precision.