sanitary landfill

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sanitary landfill

Rehabilitated land in which garbage and trash have been buried; a landfill.


1. Also called sanitary landfill. a low area of land that is built up from deposits of solid refuse in layers covered by soil.
2. the solid refuse itself.
3. to create more usable land by this means.
4. to build up (an area of land) by means of a landfill.
5. to use in a landfill.
[1940–45, Amer.]

san·i·tar·y landfill

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Noun1.sanitary landfill - a low area where waste is buried between layers of earth
landfill - a low area that has been filled in
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Atlanta's Gun Club Road Sanitary Landfill opened in 1974 and operated for 20 years.
According to LWMC spokesperson, Turkish experts will also pay visit in May and will share management plans with company administration regarding rehabilitation of Mehmood Booti disposal site and operationalization of sanitary landfill facility.
He said the modern sanitary landfill site is being established over 140 acre of land, on scientific basis in collaboration with Lahore Waste Management Company and Turkish Company ISTAC, at Lakhodair location, which will be a unique project of its kind.
The ash is then sent to the sanitary landfill and the hazardous waste cell while flue gas emissions are purified and cleansed in accordance with international standards and laws followed in the UAE.
Among the topics are system analysis for integrating landfill energy production in regional energy supply, the chemical recovery of flexible polyurethane foam wastes, an index to quantify street cleanliness, a reliability engineering study for a near-surface radioactive waste repository using a genetic algorithm, how to manage bioplastics disposal, applying a static chamber approach to monitor landfill gas emission rates in an Italian sanitary landfill site, an integrated approach to in-situ remediation of a former paint manufacturing facility, and oil shale ash as a catalyst in wastewater treatment in the pulp and paper business.
The city government here is inclined to use a multi-million-peso Japanese technology to significantly solve the city s solid waste disposal problem which could result in the abandoning of the expensive hauling of waste to the engineered sanitary landfill in Capas, Tarlac.
Along with this, some sanitary landfill sites will also be built in the secondary cities for the first time to cater for proper handling of solid and medical waste in the province.
It's "a gift to our children to give them a sanitary landfill site to serve them for many years in the future.
Her topics include the waste stream, rationalized waste, the sanitary landfill, waste and environmentalism, and the corporatization of garbage.
to take chipped tires from the site to a sanitary landfill.
For the past 27 years, Shoosmith has used 200 acres of the parcel as a sanitary landfill under a conditional use perm it.
San Francisco's 6,000 restaurants are being encouraged to donate their food scraps to the B&J Sanitary Landfill in Vacaville, which transforms the nitrogen-rich remains into top-quality fertitizer.