sanitary landfill

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sanitary landfill

Rehabilitated land in which garbage and trash have been buried; a landfill.


1. Also called sanitary landfill. a low area of land that is built up from deposits of solid refuse in layers covered by soil.
2. the solid refuse itself.
3. to create more usable land by this means.
4. to build up (an area of land) by means of a landfill.
5. to use in a landfill.
[1940–45, Amer.]

san·i·tar·y landfill

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Noun1.sanitary landfill - a low area where waste is buried between layers of earth
landfill - a low area that has been filled in
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What is being proposed for the site in Gikono is an engineered sanitary landfill, not a dumpsite.
The 19-hectare sanitary landfill in Rodriguez, on the other hand, is not expected to have a similar life span due to the rising volume of waste in Metro Manila.
BEIRUT: Cabinet Thursday approved several major steps aimed at dealing with Lebanon's waste crisis, including controversial plans to expand Beirut's once temporary Costa Brava landfill and create a new sanitary landfill in Tripoli, next to the city's old, overcapacity dump.
The subject of the contract is the capacity increase of a sanitary landfill as well as the provision of additional leachate evaporation ponds and some maintenance works at the landfill site.
In the case of Cebu City Sanitary Landfill high levels of total lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) were determined [16, 17].
Parking baled waste next to the airport (until an offshore sanitary landfill could be completed) predictably attracted hungry birds.
Sanitary Landfill, and it has been part of the federal Superfund program since September 1984.
According to LWMC spokesperson, Turkish experts will also pay visit in May and will share management plans with company administration regarding rehabilitation of Mehmood Booti disposal site and operationalization of sanitary landfill facility.
This will also eliminate the need for segregating garbage at the source and transporting it to the sanitary landfill sites.
Ahmad al Farsi, Director of Projects at OEHSCO, noted that in line with Be'ah's policy is to provide eco-friendly modern landfill sites the new transfer station will receive around 50 tonnes of waste per day, which will then be transferred immediately to the governate's designated sanitary landfill.
According to him the dumping site at Gondal Pass, 25 km from the city, is not even a sanitary landfill.
June is the scheduled completion of works on the first sanitary landfill constructed under this administration.