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 (sŭn-yä′sē) or sann·ya·sin (-sĭn)
n. pl. sann·ya·sis or sann·ya·sins Hinduism
A wandering mendicant and ascetic.

[Hindi sannyāsī, from Sanskrit saṃnyāsī, from saṃnyasyati, he renounces : sam, together; see Sanskrit + ni, down + asyati, he throws.]


(sʌnˈjɑːsɪ) or




(Hinduism) a Brahman who having attained the fourth and last stage of life as a beggar will not be reborn, but will instead be absorbed into the Universal Soul. Also called: renunciate
[from Hindi: abandoning, from Sanskrit samnyāsin]
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Noun1.sannyasi - a Hindu religious mendicant
Hindoo, Hindu - a person who adheres to Hinduism
beggar, mendicant - a pauper who lives by begging
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I love mixing my shopping with street-side steals like chappals from North main road near the Osho Ashram followed by a bite at Dario's, a home style Italian restaurant in Koregaon run by a sannyasi at the Osho Commune.
The author's main focus is on Shraddhananda's status as a socially and politically engaged sannyasi.
The sannyasi (wise man) had reached the outskirts of the village and had settled down under a tree for the night when a villager came running up to him and said, "the stone
Chatterjee, Suranjan, "New Reflections on the Sannyasi, Fakir and Peasants War," Economic and Political Weekly 19, no.
At the end of his autobiography, Singh is in conflict between re-entering the world, or becoming a sannyasi, a "renunciant" who abandons worldliness, an either/or that is a final apotheosis of Naipaul's Trinidad novels, either mimicking the ways of his Aryan ancestors and thereby reintegrating himself in a cultural tradition that will provide order as well as redemption from the "shipwrecks" of his life or turning to participate in the world again.
A friend in Mathura took us to meet a Hindu sannyasi who had lived through a two-year period of absolute silence, alone with his scriptures and in meditation.
In three Mathas namely Chalakho, Tumbaha and Tuilakhu the Mahantas bear the 'Puri' title while Mahanta of Bahalukha holds 'Giri' and Chhayabaha the 'Bharati' under the group of Dasanami Sannyasi.
Griffiths, this Hindu sannyasi (ascetic), a Catholic priest, elegant in his writing, in person charming, in death could too easily be diminished into icon-only status.
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But her singularity also makes for her social fragility which results, first of all, from her lack of social standing: as I suggested previously, the devadasi is a-casted, a problematic condition since Hinduism tends to consider unclear status as lesser status, assimilated into untouchability (the exception being the sannyasi, the Hindu ascet who renounced social status).
The hagiographical literature on the Swami's life and teachings has produced a colossal mythology of a super sannyasi.