saphenous vein

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sa·phe·nous vein

Either of two main superficial veins of the leg, one larger than the other, that begin at the foot.

[saphenous, pertaining to the saphena, a saphenous vein, from Middle English, from Medieval Latin saphēna, saphenous vein, from Arabic ṣāfin, standing with one leg slightly raised, saphena, participle of ṣafana, to stand with one leg slightly raised.]

sa•phe′nous vein′

(səˈfi nəs)

either of two large veins near the surface of the leg from thigh to foot, one along the inner side and the other outer and posterior.
[1830–40; saphen(a) saphenous vein (Middle English < Medieval Latin < Arabic ṣāfin) + -ous]
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Noun1.saphenous vein - either of two chief superficial veins of the leg that drain blood from the footsaphenous vein - either of two chief superficial veins of the leg that drain blood from the foot
great saphenous vein, long saphenous vein - the longest vein in the body; runs from foot to the groin where it joins the femoral vein
short saphenous vein - a vein running from the foot up the back of the leg to the knee
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
leg - a human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle
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Medical device company Vascular Grafts Solutions Friday provided interim results from the the post-marketing VEST III study that evaluates the effectiveness of the VEST technology (Venous External SupporT) in treatment of saphenous vein graft (SVG) disease after coronary artery bypass grafting.
After two years, a specialist at The Whiteley Clinic in London said my great saphenous vein had swollen to three times its natural size.
This is currently the largest trial with long-term outcome data comparing these two types of stents in saphenous vein graft disease, and will reassure clinicians about the use of DES for this specific indication, noted principal investigator Raban Jeger, MD, from University Hospital, in Basel, Switzerland.
The Great Saphenous Vein (GSV) of the lower limb is the longest superficial vein in the body and liable to as many variations.
Objective: To compare the nerve injury and vessel disruption complicaitons in patients undergoing saphenous vein stripping using olive heads of different sizes.
Occlusion and degeneration of saphenous vein grafts (SVGs) poses significant problems in patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.
COPENHAGEN -- Superior 5-year outcomes for great saphenous vein reflux were achieved with conventional surgery and endovenous laser ablation as compared with ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy in a randomized trial, Dr.
Preliminary results of the safety and efficacy with a hybrid treatment of insufficiency of the great saphenous vein
METHODS: One thousand three hundred and ninetyseven patients were screened for RLS symptoms by questionnaire and interview, and for saphenous vein disease by clinical examination, including continuous-wave Doppler.
Up to 25% of saphenous vein grafts occlude in the first postoperative year, and annual occlusion rates thereafter are l%-2% until year 5 and 4%-5% from years 5-10.
The authors suggest supplementing supine chest radiographs with contrast or ultrasound when the line tip position is unclear, and that supine and lateral abdominal radiographs are useful to ensure placement in the inferior vena cava when placing a PICC in the saphenous vein of a neonate.
The internal mammary artery (taken from the inside of the chest wall) remains the number one choice for grafting due to its ability to remain open and free of plaque for many years, but this study is likely to bump the saphenous vein from second choice to third.