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also sar·a·bande  (săr′ə-bănd′)
1. A fast, erotic dance of the 1500s of Mexico and Spain.
2. A stately court dance of the 1600s and 1700s, in slow triple time.
3. The music for either of these dances.

[French sarabande, from Spanish zarabanda.]


(ˈsærəˌbænd) or


1. (Dancing) a decorous 17th-century courtly dance
2. (Music, other) music a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance, in slow triple time, often incorporated into the classical suite
[C17: from French, from Spanish zarabanda, of uncertain origin]
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A minute's silence followed, before a cellist played Bach's Sarabande.
83 million sale in Sarabande, a condominium tower at 340 S.
Brahms Beyond Mastery: His Sarabande and Gavotte, and its Recompositions.
The Sarabande is a slow and graceful movement marked moderato and lirico in a conventional 3/4 meter with iambic rhythm.
Morton Prize from Sarabande Books, and a book of flash fiction, Alabama Steve.
Each dance movement was vividly delineated with the Sarabande as the slow, steady heartbeat of the work.
Some students also provided entertainment for the evening, in the form of a six-member barbershop choir, a piano arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody by Callum Noble, a performance of Bohm's Sarabande in G Minor, Badarzewska's La Priere d'une Vierge and six students performing FM Static's My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go.
Como tema central aparece la Sarabande de la quinta suite para violonchelo en do menor de Bach, haciendola fungir de eco del desasosiego y las ansiedades que padecen los protagonistas.
While fatigue can result from viewing these pieces together (NDT has performed this exact program; Boston Ballet made a highly successful evening out of five of these works), there are also enlightening aspects: The erotic all-male Sarabande provides counterpoint to the all-female Falling Angels (the rhythmic drumming can be powerful or numbing, depending on how you respond to Steve Reich).
The stories in Something in My Eye, recently released by Sarabande Books, resemble what I'd expected from the psychological residue of the odd, artful, and funny person I first encountered about a year ago, when my Mardi Gras date stormed upstairs at Mimi's to confront him about some way or other he'd done her wrong.