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2. A tumor resembling a sarcoma.

sar′coi′dal (-koid′l) adj.


(Minerals) of, relating to, or resembling flesh
(Pathology) a tumour resembling a sarcoma


(ˈsɑr kɔɪd)

1. a growth resembling a sarcoma.
2. a lesion of sarcoidosis.
4. resembling flesh; fleshy.
5. resembling a sarcoma.
[1835–45; < Greek sark-, s. of sárx flesh + -oid]
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Adj.1.sarcoid - of or relating to or resembling flesh
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Sarcoid Cleansing Salve, a product presented for use in the treatment of sarcoids in horses is being offered for sale on the UK market without a marketing authorisation.
The clinic provides a range of modern specialist treatments and diagnostic services from laser surgery for sarcoids and melanomas to stem-cell therapy to repair tendon and ligament damage.
Purpose: The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effects of a 105 days single treatment protocol applying subcutaneously Iscador P series therapy in comparison to placebo control in horses with semi-malignant Equine Sarcoids.
He was diagnosed with a form of potentially life-threatening tumours known as sarcoids, which are similar to skin cancer.
But they claim a vet then found the animal had sarcoids - a form of skin cancer which devalues horses and can lead to costly vet bills.
Lesley, 34, who bought Bishop for pounds 2000, said: "He was in terrible condition and had sarcoids, a type of skin cancer, but seemed to have a nice nature.