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2. A tumor resembling a sarcoma.

sar′coi′dal (-koid′l) adj.


(Minerals) of, relating to, or resembling flesh
(Pathology) a tumour resembling a sarcoma


(ˈsɑr kɔɪd)

1. a growth resembling a sarcoma.
2. a lesion of sarcoidosis.
4. resembling flesh; fleshy.
5. resembling a sarcoma.
[1835–45; < Greek sark-, s. of sárx flesh + -oid]
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Adj.1.sarcoid - of or relating to or resembling flesh
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Molecular characterization of bovine Deltapapillomavirus (BPV1, 2, and 13) DNA in equine sarcoids.
Complete regression was observed in 95% of sarcoids with a year relapse free rate of 87% (Theon, 1993).
Nicholls said: "Silviniaco Conti looked back to his best after a difficult season in which he has been plagued by sarcoids from the moment he came back into training in the summer.
We did his wind, cauterised his palate, gave him ten days off to get the sarcoids healed up, and everything has been fine ever since.
The champion trainer added: "He's had a bit of a stop-start season, the problem with sarcoids (a common skin tumour affecting horses), but for the first time this season I am happy with him, as he is not in any pain from the sarcoids, so hopefully we can have a great spring with him.
He has been suffering with sarcoids, wart-like growths which are uncomfortable when he is tacked up, but Nicholls expects an improved display from when Cue Card put him in his place at Haydock.
Sarcoid Cleansing Salve, a product presented for use in the treatment of sarcoids in horses is being offered for sale on the UK market without a marketing authorisation.
Activated platelet-derived growth factor [beta] receptor expression, P13K-AKT pathway molecular analysis and transforming signals in equine sarcoids.
Bovine papillomavirus DNA in neoplastic and nonneoplastic tissues obtained from horses with and without sarcoids in the western United States.
Purpose: The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effects of a 105 days single treatment protocol applying subcutaneously Iscador P series therapy in comparison to placebo control in horses with semi-malignant Equine Sarcoids.