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Of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or tailored clothing: sartorial elegance.

[From Late Latin sartor, tailor; see sartorius.]

sar·to′ri·al·ly adv.


(sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl) or


1. of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring
2. (Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the sartorius
[C19: from Late Latin sartōrius from sartor]
sarˈtorially adv


(sɑrˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-)

1. of or pertaining to tailors or their trade.
2. of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor.
3. of or pertaining to the sartorius.
[1815–25; < Late Latin sartor tailor + -ial]
sar•to′ri•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sartorial - of or relating to the sartorius muscle
2.sartorial - of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring


[sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl] ADJrelativo al vestido
sartorial eleganceelegancia f en el vestido
sartorial tastegusto m en vestidos


[sɑːrˈtɔːriəl] adj (formal) [elegance, advice] → vestimentaire


adj his sartorial elegancesein elegantes Aussehen, seine elegante Art, sich zu kleiden; the very last word in sartorial eleganceder letzte Schrei in der Herrenmode; his unusual sartorial preferencesseine Vorliebe für ungewöhnliche Kleidung; sartorial stylesHerrenmoden pl


[sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl] adj (frm) → sartoriale
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Sartorial magicians in Chicago had not yet won over the young men of the great corn belt, with their snappy lines and style for the millions.
All of them wore the cast-off clothes of other men and women, were made up of patches and pieces of other people's individuality, and had no sartorial existence of their own proper.
I sighed, following the sartorial train of thought, even to the loathly arrows that had decorated my person once already for a little aeon.
The blueMontblanc Sartorial Document CaseandMeisterstE-ck Wallet arethe perfect choices for the dapper businessman looking for style and functionality, while theMontblanc Sartorial Backpack will certainly appeal to those with an adventurous lifestyle, who are always on the move.
The former model was at the airport earlier this week when she snapped photos of passengers and judged their sartorial taste.
A blend of sartorial tradition and innovation - A balancing act of legacy and currency, the FW17 season seamlessly translates the house's sartorial excellence into a modern and effortless aesthetic.
Summary: Annual GQ Best Dressed sees actors in their sartorial best as they compete in the style stakes
Jimmy Kimmel, slimmed down to runway-model proportions at 49, has hardly been a sartorial slouch.
The book, which is a collection of sartorial shots of Filipino youth, sprung from a mainstay column of Inquirer's Lifestyle section of the same name that featured trendy #OOTDs and personal fashion statements.
com PS34 When she rocked up at Paris Fashion Week, the diminutive actress, 23, put on a sweet sartorial display in her crisp, white shirt and denim mini.
For this year's Qatar Motor Show, Maserati Qatar, represented by Alfardan Sports Motors has shown a new highlight in terms of customisation and sartorial excellence -- the new Ermenegildo Zegna Interiors, exclusively for Maserati.