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A Japanese dish consisting of very thin bite-size slices of fresh raw fish, traditionally served with soy sauce and wasabi.

[Japanese : sasu, to prick, stab + mi, body, meat.]


(Cookery) a Japanese dish of thin fillets of raw fish
[C19: from Japanese sashi pierce + mi flesh]


(sɑˈʃi mi, ˈsɑ ʃi-)

a Japanese dish of raw fish cut into very thin slices. Compare sushi.
[1875–80; < Japanese sashi stabbing + mi(y) body]


- Thinly sliced raw fish with a sauce, it is a compound formed from sashi, "pierce," and mi, "flesh."
See also related terms for pierce.
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Noun1.sashimi - very thinly sliced raw fishsashimi - very thinly sliced raw fish    
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
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A delightful array of the freshest seafood follows: Nigiri Sushi With Oh-Toro, Kinmedai, Hamachi, Tasmanian Ocean Trout And Unagi; Sashimi Two Ways Comprised Of Australian Scampi, Uni And Truffle New Style and Japanese Snapper Dried Miso; Sashimi Salad Of Kampachi, Blue Fin Tuna And Tachiuo Topped With Matsuhisa Dressing; And Phyllo Wrapped King Prawn In Sweet Truffle Aioli, Smoked Cauliflower Puree And Micro Greens.
The samples included various types of high-risk food, such as cheese, frozen confections, cold cuts, fruit, salad, sashimi, smoked salmon and other smoked seafood.
Touted as the first-ever hard-lure series factory-rigged with circle hooks, Yo-Zuri's Circle Hook Sashimi Series makes good on its tag line: "catch more, kill less.
The booming sushi and sashimi trade in Europe opens up a new market for mini super freezers at wholesale outlets that serve restaurants and retail channels.
Tonight, Jamie rustles up a herb omelette and Japanesestyle tuna sashimi.
Just one word in romaji would help so much, only to know if you're looking at the beer or sashimi section.
ASSIETTE OF SASHIMI "This is a combination of several recipes from The Criterion which we've put together to create a starter especially for The Look.
The five kinds of sashimi that followed included raw salmon and tuna artfully arranged on crushed ice.
ZOF has pioneered in developing the sushi and sashimi market in China through sales and marketing methods, such as the introduction of its "Ocean Family" brand and introducing seafood counters in high-end supermarkets and department stores.
According to a Gizmodo report, Sashimi is a one-of-a-kind hedgehog whose Hong Kong-based owner trusts in securing her iPhone through the built-in Touch ID feature.