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n. pl. sas·sa·bies

[Tswana tshêsêbê.]


n, pl -bies
(Animals) an African antelope, Damaliscus lunatus, of grasslands and semideserts, having angular curved horns and an elongated muzzle: thought to be the swiftest hoofed mammal
[C19: from Bantu tshêsêbê]
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Noun1.sassaby - a large South African antelopesassaby - a large South African antelope; considered the swiftest hoofed mammal
antelope - graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks
Damaliscus, genus Damaliscus - African antelopes: sassabies
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Who shall ring round those feet swifter than the Sassaby of the plains?
Previously, she began her own cosmetics and cosmetic organizer company, Sassaby Inc.
Lauder continued, "We have begun our fiscal year in an exciting way, with major fragrance launches, the introduction of new skin care and makeup products and the announcements to acquire Sassaby, Inc.