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1. Hinduism
a. A body of teaching composed in Sanskrit and addressing a particular aspect of religious or cultural practice.
b. A canonical text forming a part of such a body of teaching.
2. Buddhism A commentary on the sutras, generally composed in Sanskrit.

[Sanskrit śāstram, from śāsti, he commands, governs, instructs; akin to Albanian thom, I say.]


(ˈʃɑːstrə) ,




(Hinduism) any of the sacred writings of Hinduism
[C17: from Sanskrit śāstra, from śās to teach]
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The use of the term sastra designates here commentaries on sastras as well, since sastras in the narrow sense and their commentaries share a great deal in content and method.
On a tour through the cosmos as envisioned in key classical Hindu sources and in some of their modern heirs, Frazier tries to reconstruct views of different realms and levels of reality as depicted in such texts as the Vedas and Upanishads, Sutras and Sastras, the Mahabharata, and later contexts of text and practice.
The debate should be between knowledgeable persons from the Muslim community, who know their sastras [sacred scripture], the Quran.
Although it is broadly cited in classical sastras as Satyaka-parivarta, it is catalogued under the name Bodhisattva gocara-upaya-visaya vikurvana-nirdesa Sutra.
According to reports, this Temple strictly adheres to the principles of Agama Sastras as described in Vedas under the directives of experts from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams of India.
69) Using a variety of sources including women's periodicals, novels, and short stories by Mahar woman, and women's response to the custom of tonsuring widows, Anagol draws attention to women's solidarity as they evoked the concept of stri jati (sisterhood), condemned the sastras, and supported each other.
This anonymity is a feature of both the Sastras (philosophical treatises) and Kavya (imaginative compositions).
000 obreros en la capital, incluidos metalurgicos, sastras y perfumistas, construccion, madera y hosteleria (14) y que se convirtio en la entronizacion definitiva de Madrid como capital de la protesta, justo en visperas de convertirse en el mas importante simbolo internacional del antifascismo antes de Stalingrado.
My studies in the ancient Sastras gave me a standpoint that I could defend and from which I could evaluate my acquired Western critical culture.
Either it reflects the influence of the Brahmanical codes, or else the Brahmanical sastras may be codifying legal conceptions and institutions already current in practice.
Instead it is those who are in their thirties who are alive and kicking and have the necessary physical, psychological and intellectual stamina besides the necessary get up and go to take risks and lead, even according to Indian Sastras which speak of four Ashrams in life: Brahmacharya, Grahasta, Vanaprasta and Sanayasa.
This being true, some articles have not been reprinted, mainly those written in languages other than English or more comprehensive writings such as "Hindu Law of Succession: From the Sastras to Modern Law" (1967), "Caste and Occupation in Classical India: The Normative Texts" (1975), and "Ownership by Birth: The Mitaksara Stand" (2001, co-authored with Rosane Rocher).