satellite dish

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satellite dish

A dish antenna used to receive and transmit signals relayed by satellite.



1. an open, relatively shallow container of pottery, glass, etc., used esp. for holding or serving food.
2. any container used at table.
3. the food contained in a dish.
4. a particular article or preparation of food: an easy dish to make.
5. the quantity held by a dish.
6. something like a dish in form or use.
7. concavity or the degree of concavity, as of a wheel.
8. Also called dish′ anten`na. a dish-shaped reflector, used esp. for receiving satellite and microwave signals.
9. Slang. an attractive person.
10. Slang. gossip.
11. to put into or serve in a dish, as food (often fol. by up).
12. to fashion like a dish; make concave.
13. Slang. to gossip about in a disparaging manner.
14. Slang. to gossip.
15. dish out, Informal. to deal out; distribute.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English disc dish, plate, bowl < Latin discus dish, discus]
صَحْن يَلْتَقِط مِن قَمَر إصْطِناعيطَبْقٌ قَمْر صناعيّ
satelitsatelitní parabola
satelitska antena
위성방송수신 접시 안테나
satelitná anténa
chảo vệ tinh

satellite dish

nantenna parabolica


(ˈsӕtəlait) noun
1. a smaller body that revolves around a planet. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth.
2. a man-made object fired into space to travel round usually the Earth. a weather satellite.
ˈsatellite dish noun
a large circular antenna for receiving TV signals from a satellite.

satellite dish

طَبْقٌ قَمْر صناعيّ satelitní parabola parabol Satellitenschüssel δορυφορικό πιάτο antena parabólica satelliittiantenni antenne parabolique satelitska antena antenna parabolica 衛星放送用パラボラアンテナ 위성방송수신 접시 안테나 satellietschotel parabolantenne antena satelitarna antena parabólica спутниковая антенна parabolantenn จานดาวเทียม uydu çanak chảo vệ tinh 圆盘式卫星接收天线
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Sky boss Jeremy Darroch said: "This is the first time we've been able to offer the full Sky TV service without a satellite dish.
Butorac also points out that OSN works closely with government agencies to detect illegal satellite dish providers.
Afterwards, notices are served to offenders, and eventually offences are reported in case the offender fails to remove the satellite dish during the given period.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to eliminate a common problem related to satellite dish operation, the Satellite Dish Heater, has been developed by Jody Kloss of West Jordan, Utah.
The ground station construction, supply of satellite dish equipment and installation in rural homes and businesses represent three separate tenders.
We're giving away a state-of-theart 42in High-Definition (HD) Freesat TV worth pounds 900, a Humax Freesat HD digibox worth pounds 150 and a satellite dish - all professionally installed for you.
A MAN was injured after suffering an electric shock and falling from a ladder while installing a satellite dish.
These costs may include the satellite dish, associated connectivity equipment and installation fees.
Last summer, a woman in Anhui province in southeast China carried a satellite dish on her back.
To use either of these, installation of an antenna or satellite dish is required.
Before he came to Afghanistan, Allen's knowledge in this area of communications was limited, but now he has the ability to find orbiting satellites with a compass and lock in the satellite dish accordingly.
Officials hope to announce the schedule next week, after trial runs to determine how long it takes the bookmobile's rooftop satellite dish to acquire a signal at each stop.

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