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Noun1.satellite transmitter - a transmitter on a communications satellitesatellite transmitter - a transmitter on a communications satellite
communications satellite - an artificial satellite that relays signals back to earth; moves in a geostationary orbit
sender, transmitter - set used to broadcast radio or tv signals
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Environmentalists from the EPAA and EWS-WWF attached a satellite transmitter to one juvenile Green Turtle to track its movements for the next six months and also took tissue samples from Green Turtles for a genetic study.
And, because there's no satellite transmitter, there's no need for a VSAT transmit license.
Right: A Kemp's ridley sea turtle equipped with a satellite transmitter that provides researchers with information about where the turtles go.
This specimen was observed days after it was tagged with the electronic satellite transmitter, in its natural habitat.
Khalid Ayaz said that all the birds which were being released had been individually tagged with identification rings, while selected birds were also tagged with satellite transmitter to carry out monitoring of the birds.
In 2015, Mote shark and coral reef scientists worked with Cuban researchers to place the first satellite transmitter tags on sharks in Cuban waters, conducted the first coral transplant experiment on a Cuban reef and more.
However, the satellite transmitter attached to the eagle to track its movements had stopped sending feedback since Aug.
A satellite transmitter (a platform transmitter terminal, hereinafter PTT; Microwave Telemetry Inc.
Then a satellite transmitter was put on the turtle but it transmitted signals only for a few days.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Saud released the first bird, which is fitted with a satellite transmitter, as part of the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan's Houbara Reintroduction Project in the UAE and Arabian Peninsula to restore a sustainable wild population of the bird, synonymous with local culture and traditions of the UAE.
The PEF tracked the eagle after the satellite transmitter attached to its back stopped sending signals.
Photographs published after its capture show that in addition to the satellite transmitter used to track the migratory route of storks from Europe to Africa and back, it also had rings on its leg used to identify wildlife.

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