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Capable of being satisfied: satisfiable needs and desires.
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Adj.1.satisfiable - capable of being sated; "a satiable thirst"; "a satiable appetite"
satiate, satiated - supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction
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Electric energy price paid to parts and not satisfiable total value is not known post-declaration.
This essay will show that this combination of principles is satisfiable (and nontrivially so) and that the principles are jointly satisfied if and only if rational belief is equivalent to the assignment of a stably high rational degree of belief.
Figure 1: General procedure for proposed method 1 Fu&Malik ([alpha]) Input : [alpha] is PMSAT instance Output: if [alpha] satisfiable then Number of soft clauses falsified in [alpha] else [infinity] 2 Optimal = 0 3 while True do 4 ([[alpha].
Given n Boolean variables and a conjunctive formula of M clauses, each involving two literals, the problem is to determine the probability that the formula is satisfiable when M grows with n.
A perfectly entails B iff A classically entails B, A is satisfiable and B is invalid (103).
He disclosed that Ghaddafi stressed Libya's full support to Sudan and its rejection of the ICC's arrest warrant, saying that "we found positions of Libya as the chairman of the African Union were very satisfiable.
To show that requirements are consistent, we have only to show that the constraint part of the state schema is satisfiable, usually by proving an initialization theorem: we show that at least one state exists.
F is said to be satisfiable if and only if there exists a truth assignment I such as I(F) is true, I being a function which associates to each variable a truth value (Yes or No).
C] were satisfiable relative to individuals, [rightness.
These needs are satisfiable and they can be satisfied by an object.