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v. sat·is·fied, sat·is·fy·ing, sat·is·fies
1. To fulfill the need, desire, or expectation of: Were you satisfied with the hotel's service?
2. To fulfill (a need or desire): The cold drink satisfied my thirst.
a. To free from doubt or question; convince: His explanation satisfied the authorities.
b. To provide sufficient explanation to dispel or answer (a doubt or question).
4. To meet or be sufficient for (a requirement); conform to the requirements of (a standard, for example): Only two people satisfied the researcher's profile for the study.
a. To discharge (a debt or obligation, for example) in full.
b. To discharge an obligation to (a creditor).
c. To make reparation for; redress.
6. Mathematics To make the left and right sides of (an equation) equal after substituting equivalent quantities for the unknown variables.
1. To be sufficient or adequate.
2. To give satisfaction.

[Middle English satisfien, from Old French satisfier, from Latin satisfacere : satis, sufficient; see sā- in Indo-European roots + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

sat′is·fi′er n.
sat′is·fy′ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: satisfy, answer, fill, fulfill, meet1
These verbs mean to be sufficient or to act in adequate measure for something expected or required: satisfied all requirements; answered our needs; fills a purpose; fulfilled their aspirations; met her obligations.


1. 'satisfactory'

You say that something is satisfactory when it is acceptable or fulfils a particular need or purpose.

His doctor described his state of health as fairly satisfactory.
It's not a satisfactory system.
2. 'satisfying'

You do not use satisfactory to describe something that gives you a feeling of pleasure and fulfilment. The word you use is satisfying.

There's nothing more satisfying than doing the work you love.
It's wonderful to have a satisfying hobby.
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Adj.1.satisfying - providing abundant nourishment; "a hearty meal"; "good solid food"; "ate a substantial breakfast"; "four square meals a day"
wholesome - conducive to or characteristic of physical or moral well-being; "wholesome attitude"; "wholesome appearance"; "wholesome food"
2.satisfying - providing freedom from worry
satisfactory - giving satisfaction; "satisfactory living conditions"; "his grades were satisfactory"


adjective satisfactory, pleasing, enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, cheering I find wood carving satisfying.


مُرْضٍ، مُفْرِح
hoşa gidicimemnun edici


[ˈsætɪsfaɪɪŋ] ADJ [result etc] → satisfactorio; [food, meal] → que satisface, que llena


[ˈsætɪsfaɪɪŋ] adj [result, outcome] → satisfaisant(e); [activity, job] → gratifiant(e); [meal] → substantiel(le)


adjbefriedigend; food, mealsättigend; a satisfying experienceein befriedigendes Erlebnis; they had the satisfying experience of seeing him failes tat ihnen gut, seinen Misserfolg zu erleben; sounds which are very satisfying to the earangenehme Klänge pl; a cool satisfying beerein kühles, durststillendes Bier


[ˈsætɪsˌfaɪɪŋ] adj (gen) → soddisfacente; (food, meal) → sostanzioso/a


(ˈsӕtisfai) verb
1. to give (a person) enough of what is wanted or needed to take away hunger, curiosity etc. The apple didn't satisfy my hunger; I told him enough to satisfy his curiosity.
2. to please. She is very difficult to satisfy.
ˌsatisˈfaction (-ˈfӕkʃən) noun
1. the act of satisfying or state of being satisfied. the satisfaction of desires.
2. pleasure or contentment. Your success gives me great satisfaction.
ˌsatisˈfactory (-ˈfӕktəri) adjective
(negative unsatisfactory) giving satisfaction; good enough to satisfy. Your work is not satisfactory; The condition of the sick man is satisfactory.
ˌsatisˈfactorily (-ˈfӕktə-) adverb
ˈsatisfied adjective
(sometimes with with) pleased. I'm satisfied with his progress; a satisfied customer.
ˈsatisfying adjective
pleasing. The story had a satisfying ending.
References in classic literature ?
grunted the new guide and soon the hungry Indians, who had come far, were satisfying their hunger.
But it was a fair enough piece of work, and in many respects satisfying.
This abstinence, so remarkable in an Indian, when he possessed the means of satisfying hunger, at length attracted the notice of Heyward.
Neither was there any possibility of satisfying the covetous little devil.
Occasionally there was no way of satisfying them but to let them search the place to which the girl had been traced.
I'd as soon desire to have it proved that my mother could drink brandy, chew tobacco, and swear, by way of satisfying me that I did right in doing the same.
I didn't know how to go about satisfying it, because I knew that the testimony of men wouldn't serve -- my reason would say they were lunatics, and throw out their evidence.
I have never enjoyed a view which had such a serene and satisfying charm about it as this one gives.
Uncle Jerry" and "aunt Sarah" Cobb were dear friends of quite another sort, a very satisfying and perhaps a somewhat dangerous one.
She was not in a humour, however, to regard it as an affront, and affecting to take no notice of what passed, by instantly talking of something else, she internally resolved henceforward to catch every opportunity of eyeing the hair and of satisfying herself, beyond all doubt, that it was exactly the shade of her own.
Roasted eggs were a previously unknown luxury and very hot potatoes with salt and fresh butter in them were fit for a woodland king --besides being deliciously satisfying.
So may Abraham, Jacob, and all the fathers of our people assist me,'' said Isaac, ``I cannot make the choice, because I have not the means of satisfying your exorbitant demand