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 (sā′trə-pē, -trăp′ē, săt′rə-pē)
n. pl. sa·tra·pies
1. The territory or sphere under the rule of a satrap.
2. A nation, state, territory, or area controlled as if by a satrap: "No military legions from the West are going to liberate their Eastern European satrapies" (John Hughes).


n, pl -trapies
(Historical Terms) the province, office, or period of rule of a satrap


(ˈseɪ trə pi, ˈsæ-)

n., pl. -trap•ies.
the province or jurisdiction of a satrap.


Persian Empire, the system of provincial governments ruled by satraps, each of whom answered to the Persian emperor.
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Simply stated, the mighty Syrian Arab Army was but a satrapy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah, which meant that without them, most of the territories that linked Damascus to Latakia would have fallen some time ago.
So that Iran can build up a satrapy on Israel's border to advance its project of regional hegemony?
The well-known Greek historian Herodotus stated that India (Hi (n) dish or the Indus basin) counted as the twentieth satrapy of the empire, and yet it contributed a third of all the revenues, mostly gold, that came from the Asiatic provinces (nearly 80 percent of the empire).
This well-written and "argued paper takes the "Lydian Treasure" to illustrate the parallelism between court and satrapy under the Achaemenid empire.
However tricky the politics of using German taxpayers' money to bail out Russian depositors, a deal that ends up entrenching Cyprus's status as an offshore Russian satrapy would be a perverse outcome.
It is an interesting fact that few federal administrators have spoken to the members of the President's Committee on Administrative Management in terms of the interest of the President or the presidency or the Administration--but nearly always in terms of the immediate and particular interest of a department or a bureau as if it were [a] satrapy.
Yet everything contains the seeds of its own destruction and the splendid edifice was undermined, as the Roman Empire had been, by agricultural depression at home and the determination of a small, despised community abroad which preferred independence to life as a British satrapy.
For even though NATO and its allies have been encountering numerous difficulties in Afghanistan and Western nations are beginning to withdraw troops, Pakistan's hopes of transforming the country into its Central Asian satrapy are liable to remain unfulfilled.
Barck ran his office as a satrapy in the dominion of Bernard McFeely, the fifty-six-year-old mayor of Hoboken.
Among their topics are the first Hellenistic man, from satrapy to Hellenistic kingdom as seen in Egypt, Frataraka rule in Seleucid Persis, the struggle for independence and the dream of hegemony in early Hellenistic Rhodes, the significance of Plataia for Greek eleutheria in the early Hellenistic period, being royal and female in the early Hellenistic period, and rethinking Hellenistic aesthetics.
After American forces leave Iraq at the end of 2011, Tehran will try to turn its neighbor into a satrapy, i.
4), and Cleitus was commissioned to take over the satrapy of Bactria-Sogdiana (Curt.