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 (săt-so͞o′mə, sä-tso͞o′mä, sä′tso͞o-mä′)
1. A seedless mandarin orange originally cultivated in Japan.
2. Satsuma A Japanese porcelain.

[After Satsuma, a peninsula of southwest Kyushu, Japan.]


(Placename) a former province of SW Japan, on S Kyushu: famous for its porcelain


1. (Plants) a small citrus tree, Citrus nobilis var. unshiu, cultivated, esp in Japan, for its edible fruit
2. (Plants) the fruit of this tree, which has a loose rind and easily separable segments
[C19: originally from the province of Satsuma, Japan]


(sætˈsu mə, ˈsæt sə mə)

a former province on S Kyushu, in SW Japan: famous for its porcelain ware.
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Noun1.Satsuma - a variety of mandarin orangesatsuma - a variety of mandarin orange  
satsuma - medium-sized largely seedless mandarin orange with thin smooth skin
Citrus reticulata, mandarin, mandarin orange, mandarin orange tree - shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia
2.satsuma - medium-sized largely seedless mandarin orange with thin smooth skin
mandarin orange, mandarin - a somewhat flat reddish-orange loose skinned citrus of China
satsuma, satsuma tree - a variety of mandarin orange


[ˌsætˈsuːmə] Nsatsuma f


[sætˈsuːmə] n (= fruit) → satsuma f


nSatsuma f


[ˌsætˈsuːmə] nsatsuma tipo di mandarino
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The newbuilding ferries will be delivered in March and June of 2018 as replacements for the Sunflower Satsuma and Sunflower Kirishima, which serve on the route connecting Osaka Port (Osaka Prefecture) and Shibushi Port (Kagoshima Prefecture).
The firm's online lender Satsuma increased its customer base by almost 18% to 53,000 at the end of September compared with a year ago and saw outstanding loans rise by 19% to PS13.
The Bayou Rum family consists of four offerings: Bayou Select Rum, Bayou Silver, Bayou Spiced, and Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur.
They go under the generic name of Satsuma and that's not the variety of orange you buy at the supermarket.
Adrian Horne, meanwhile, has joined Team Birmingham to say thank you to the surgeons who saved his wife's life after a tumour the size of a satsuma was found in her brain.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Dentist 9 Usher 10 Ahead 11 Protein 12 Coo 13 Pastrami 16 Detested 17 Nag 19Panache 21 Reign 22 Loose 23 Satsuma DOWN: 1 Advance 2 Antelope 3 Bird 4 Rumoured 5 Ghee 6 Trend 8 Typesetters 13 Preached 14 Monsieur 15 Ugandan 18 Spell 20 Neon 21 Rats QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Cordoned off 8Raw 9Ale 11 Unequal 12Vocal 13 Led 14 Ewe 15 Impound 17 Del 19 Unit 21 Ogre 23 Pogo 25 Tuba 27 Tar 29 Suburbs 31Act 34 Lap 36 Rural 37 Netball 38 Are 39 Spy 40 Dental floss DOWN: 1 Cane 2Owed 3 Drummer 4 Nelson 5 Devon 6 Face 7 Flaw 8 Ruled 10 Elect 16 Dug 18 Lob 20 Not 22 Gas 24 Orbital 25 Tiara 26 Funnel 28 Reply 30 Unlit 32 Curd 33 Tree 34 Lass 35 Alps
The city assembly of Satsuma Sendai city in Kagoshima Prefecture convened an extraordinary session, in which adopted a petition in favor of resuming operations at the two-reactor facility, about 1,000 kilometers southwest of Tokyo.
Body Shop Body Sorbets, PS8 each, in Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango and Pink Grapefruit, are in stores now.
Susan Cropley and her husband Andrew of Satsuma, Fl.
Satsuma picks up the argument here that their main purpose was easy financial gain, while inflicting financial damage on Spain, and to a lesser extent France and the Netherlands.
Satsuma loans will be available from next week for amounts up to PS300, with repayments over 13 or 26 weeks.
com Handicap, Lexington Place travelled with enthusiasm and was good value for his winning margin of three-quarters of a length over Satsuma.