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tr.v. sat·u·rat·ed, sat·u·rat·ing, sat·u·rates
1. To soak or fill so that no more liquid may be absorbed: The cloth was saturated with water.
2. To supply with the maximum that can be held or contained; fill thoroughly: Pleasant smells saturated the bakery. The species had saturated its habitat. Happy memories saturated his mind. See Synonyms at imbue.
3. Chemistry To cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance.
4. Economics To supply (a market) with a good or service in an amount that consumers are able and willing to purchase.
adj. (-rĭt)

[Latin saturāre, saturāt-, to fill, from satur, sated; see sā- in Indo-European roots.]

sat′u·ra·ble (săch′ər-ə-bəl) adj.
sat′u·ra′tor n.


(Chemistry) chem capable of being saturated
ˌsaturaˈbility n


(ˈsætʃ ər ə bəl)

capable of being saturated.
[1560–70; < Latin saturābilis=saturā(re) to saturate + -bilis -ble]
sat`u•ra•bil′i•ty, n.
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The research can be used to develop strategies for fabricating saturable absorber materials, which absorb less light as its intensity increases.
A paper reports a terahertz saturable absorber with an order of magnitude higher absorption modulation than other devices.
This pancreatic metabolization pathway for ethanol includes ADH3, a saturable form of the ADH enzyme with low affinity and high Km for ethanol, cytochrome P450 2E1 (CYP231), the expression of which is induced by the ethanol ingestion, and catalase.
Tenders invited for Fiber coupled saturable absorber mirror with passive heat sink & fiber coupled saturable absorber in transmission
This may be particularly true for PERC, which displays saturable enzyme kinetics at high exposure concentrations in male Sprague-Dawley rats (Pegg et al.
Among the topics are microscopic theory for the groundstate and linear optical response of novel two-dimensional materials with hexagonal symmetry, nonlinear optical experiments on graphene, the ultrafast manipulation of terahertz waves using graphene metamaterials, femtosecond pulse generation with voltage-controlled graphene saturable absorbers, and the potential of graphene as a transparent electrode.
It is suggested that at rest, acidification is prevented by MCT2, but because the capacity of MCT2 is saturable due to its low [V.
Pharmacokinetic studies of voriconazole in humans have shown 58% protein binding and nonlinear saturable kinetics, with the AUC increasing in a higher proportion than the dose.
Both alirocumab and evolocumab are eliminated by two pathways: a saturable target mediated binding to PCSK9, followed by lysosomal degradation; and nonspecific clearance by the reticulo-endothelial system.
39) This PBPK model consisted of clearance via a saturable pathway (formaldehyde dehydrogenase; [K.
Valproic acid is incorporated into neuronal membranes in a saturable manner and appears to displace naturally occurring branched-chain phospholipids.
La proteina 1 transportadora de hemo (HCP1): tambien recibe el nombre de PCFT (Proton-coupled folate transporter) y de transportador de soluto familia 46, miembro 1 (15); esta constituida por 459 aa (16) y se ancla a membrana con sus nueve dominios; se localiza en el borde en cepillo del duodeno y ejerce su funcion por transporte activo y saturable (17).